F1150RA.2.28L616 xhe-dynamic

Fassi's importer in Spain has almost completed the installation of two Fassi F1150RA.2.28 L616 cranes

Lliçà de Vall (Spain) – Two Fassi F1150RA.2.28 L616 cranes fitted on two Iveco Trakker 4-axle trucks have now almost been completed by our importer/distributor, the company Transgrúas Cial S.L., which has represented the Fassi brand in Spain since 1978. These twin cranes belong to the load capacity class with a maximum lifting moment of 102 tm/1000 kNm. (Courtesy of K. Trenzano - Transgrúas Cial).
Fassi F660RA he-dynamic

An Italian design icon installs a British one

Weeting (UK) - Long-time Fassi customer David Watson Transport Ltd was recently employed to install a display Mini at a Mini dealership in southern England. The Norfolk-based company used a Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic crane installed on a 4-axle Volvo rigid truck to lift the iconic British car (typically weighing between 1.5 -1.8 tonnes) and affix it to the outer wall of the dealership.

Ecomondo 2020

Fassi will not be attending the 2020 edition of Ecomondo

Rimini (Italy) – The decision not to participate in the 24th edition of Ecomondo, scheduled in November at the Rimini exhibition centre, was particularly difficult and painful, but these days there are too many warning signs on the Covid emergency front.
Fassi F185AC.2.26 xe-dynamic

Versatility is the main feature of this Fassi F185AC.2.26 crane fitted on a Mercedes Arocs 2053 truck

Bolzano (Italy) – Top-of-the-range Fassi cranes are not the only champions of versatility, as demonstrated by the installation of the Fassi F185AC.2.26 xe-dynamic crane with Fassi basket on the Mercedes Arocs 2053 truck with tipper body, which was recently prepared by the Italian Fassi dealer in Bolzano, the company Gerax of Cortaccia.
Fassi F30CY active

A new ultra-compact multi-functional Caron CTK 80 vehicle equipped with a Fassi F30CY.0.23 active crane delivered to a mountainous municipal authority 

Massimeno (Italy) - Compactness, lightness and versatility are the characteristics that ultimately determined the choice of a Fassi F30CY.0.23 active crane set-up on an ultra-compact all-wheel drive Caron CTK 80 vehicle. Since the end of February, this vehicle has been in service in the municipality of Massimeno near the Adamello-Brenta park in northern Italy.
Fassi F1650RAL.2.28 L616L

The company Fratelli Diurno of Riva Ligure in Imperia (Liguria) has recently expanded its services with a Fassi F1650RAL.2.28 L616L xhe-dynamic crane

Sanremo (Italy) – In July, it was possible to admire the new Fassi F1650RAL.2.28 L616L xhe-dynamic crane at work, which the company Fratelli Diurno of Riva Ligure was able to put into service in the first part of the summer period. Installed on a MAN TGS 35.510 8x2 truck, it is a fitting that solves many logistic problems in transporting boats and nautical goods and materials from the boatyard that the company owns in Riva Ligure, a commune located in the province of Imperia (Liguria).
Fassi F345RB xe-dynamic

A dynamic German construction company in Saxony-Anhalt recently received a Fassi F345RB xe-dynamic crane

Zahna (Germany) – May 2020. Fassi's new model, the F345RB xe-dynamic crane fitted on a MAN TGS 26.470 truck, was delivered to Elster Bau GmbH, a construction company based in Zahna in Saxony-Anhalt, that specialises in the construction of single-family houses, industrial buildings and renovations. It employs 57 people and is known not only within the region, but also in the neighbouring states of Brandenburg and Saxony.
Changes to the ETRC 2020

Changes to the European Truck Racing Championship 2020 calendar in the face of anti-Covid-19 measures

Albino (Italy) - It has been confirmed that unfortunately the stages of the European Truck Racing Championship scheduled to take place in Zolder on 12th and 13th September and Jarama on 26th and 27th September have been cancelled due to government restrictions related to the respective countries’ anti-Covid-19 measures.
Fassi F545RA at Oslo

A Fassi F545RA xe-dynamic crane was used in July on a building site where a piece of work by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso was also removed

Oslo (Norway)
- At the beginning of July, a Fassi F545RA xe-dynamic crane was involved in the removal of an enormous block of concrete upon which was the precious murals "The Fishermen” and “The Seagulls" by Pablo Picasso and Carl Nesjar from a government building under demolition.
Fassi F425RA.2.23 e-dynamic

A Fassi F425RA.2.23 e-dynamic truck crane involved in air ambulance maintenance in Nottingham, UK

Nottingham (UK) - The company J B Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd has recently used its Fassi F425RA.2.23 e-dynamic crane to assist the emergency services. The heavy haulage specialists, based in Lathom, Lancashire, assisted with the maintenance of a helicopter belonging to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance service, an operation made considerably easier thanks to the agility and versatility of the F425RA.2.23. (Courtesy of Fassi UK)

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