Fassi Gru S.p.A. with Weplanet in Milan

Presentation of the large outdoor exhibition currently taking place in the main streets and squares of Milan (Italy)

Milan (Italy) - From 27 August to 7 November, globes created by young artists from the Milan Academy of Fine Arts and famous artists and designers will be on display in Milan's main streets and squares. They are each a part of the Weplanet project, created by Paolo Casserà to promote environmental awareness with works of art and design.

The globes made of recycled plastic are adopted by patrons and each work interprets the author's position and values on the theme of environmental sustainability. "This is the second event in Milan after the one held at Easter, which marked the recovery after the emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic," explains Paolo Casserà. "We are very close to reaching the goal we set ourselves for this project of one hundred globes, and so we are very pleased. We will see the final result of our efforts on 23 November at the MiCo Milan Convention Centre, where a charity auction will be held.

The proceeds will go towards maintenance of the city's green spaces, funding Veronesi Foundation research, to the Niguarda Hospital and to Progetto Arca Onlus for the advancement of social initiatives". One of the globes on open display, entitled "The sea of responsibility" and which can be seen in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, was created by Andrea Boschetti and adopted by Fassi Gru. "The Earth is suffering from a lack of a sense of community, the planet's only chance of salvation lies in our ability to return responsibly to thinking about living as a community. This message is represented by a sea of responsibility that we must begin to take on, leaving it to future generations to rebuild a narrative, their narrative", says Boschetti, who is the lead architect for the international firm Metrogramma, set up in 1996. Giovanni Fassi, managing director of Fassi Gru, recalls when Casserà told him about the Weplanet project, and he immediately decided to support it. Fassi explains that "the aim of supporting initiatives for environmental sustainability is important, but so is offering visibility to young artists".

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