École supérieure privée
Ecole de Condé - Lyon Campus. The leading private art and design school, in one of France’s most dynamic cities.

Ecole de Condé’s Lyon Campus is one of the main arts and design schools in the vibrant city of Lyon, renowned for its creative and culinary scenes. The school is located in the university district, in a converted garage which is now part of the city’s local industrial architectural heritage. Covering over 4600 sq. m (50,000 sq. ft.), the building hosts state of the art facilities as well as a stunning rooftop terrace view over the city.

About the artists


Romarine Ronzon-Jaricot
is a young photographer based in Lyon. Thanks to her family, she has had the opportunity to learn about different art forms and found herself getting her first experience of photography when she was 13. She officially started to study photography at Ecole de Condé in Lyon. Nowadays, she intends to create her own universe through this media.

Camille Brasselet
always knew that she wanted to work in art. Originally from Normandy, she got her baccalaureate in Rouen and then went to study art at the Saint-Brieuc School of Fine Arts in Brittany. After that, she moved to Lyon to pursue her artistic research and to focus on photography. She also works for two magazines in Lyon: Cacti and Gone. She is permanently looking to create, so she sketches and fixes her ideas and projects on paper. She also spends a lot of time writing.

Servane Clergue
is a second-year student in the bachelor’s degree course in photography at Ecole de Condé. Passionate about photography for a few years now, she is also interested in the practice of different artistic mediums. For her, photography is a way to go beyond the visible and try to reach a certain truth present in all things. Having started with self-portraiture, she now intends to show a part of herself that is rarely visible. It is also a way to experiment by associating photography with another of her passions, drawing. Constantly researching her own relationship to photography, she tries to combine her own perception with her need to express herself practically.

Valentin Mariaud
was born close to Lyon and grew up there. He started studying photography at Ecole de Condé after doing a year of Applied Arts. He uses photography to reflect on the world around him, to observe and understand it. For him, it is necessary to learn how to observe, and how experiences with different cultures can refine this practice. Time spent shooting is important to him because it reveals a certain feeling, mood and relationship to the world that photography is built on.

Marie-Amélie Saillet
is a 19-year-old photographer. She currently studies photography at Ecole de Condé in France. To her, photography is a means of expression. Through this medium, she likes to immortalise a moment, reveal the personality of an individual and, most importantly, accentuate the importance of light.

Yasin Balanfat Searching
for the inner wonders that can unveil this world, Yasin went through different mediums and experiences to reach the medium of photography, several years after getting his bachelor’s degree in his hometown of Lyon. Photography allows him to capture in fleeting moments a metaphor for the human heart in a cliché. Every day he moves towards his ultimate objective, photojournalism.

Mike Atoch
Growing up with a photographer for a father, this medium continued to fascinate Mike more and more. After leaving high school, he made the decision to move to Lyon to enrol at Ecole de Condé. His objective is to live through his photography, while developing his own universe. He is mainly interested in reportage and street photography, which he appreciates for its extremely vast scope. He uses photography as his “second language”.

Marion Fitzer
Born into a family of artists, Marion became interested in the visual arts from a very early age. She passed a literary baccalaureate, specialising in Visual Arts. She continued her career by enrolling in a one year Applied Arts Upgrade course at Ecole de Condé, which allowed her to choose her specialisations. She finally decided to pursue studies in photography, her first passion, following its higher cycle. For 2 years now, she has studied this medium to develop her creative eye and perception of the world.

Quentin Domeignoz
was a self-taught photographer before joining Ecole de Condé directly after getting his baccalaureate. The technical aspects of photography have always fascinated him, and the school’s curriculum allowed him to open his mind to the artistic aspects which remain more abstract to him. He created his company alongside his studies in order to realise his passion, but more precisely to have a general idea of the photographer’s profession from a personal point of view, which has allowed the maturity of his work to develop significantly.

Thank you to the school, Fassi staff and all those who participated in this project to make it possible.

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