The FSC/S system comes as a standard configuration for the range of crane models from the F245A dynamic/e-dynamic up to the F2150RAL xhe-dynamic.
It can be installed, as on option, on all the other crane models that are already equipped with FX500 or FX900, RCH/RCS or V7RRC radio control and hydraulically extendable outriggers. The system detects the right and left work areas of the vehicle and automatically manages the lifting moment limiting device for two work areas: above the cab and above the body, depending on the stability levels in the two sectors.

In both sectors, the lifting moment limiting device system starts working on its own based on the position of the outriggers’ lateral extension supports (closed, partially or fully extended), verified by means of the linear encoders. Furthermore, a tilting sensor that measures the horizontal position of the crane with reference to the inclination of the crane’s base crossbeam, completely managed by dynamic software, limits crane performances and protects the different working configurations with respect to the sector the crane is in, the outriggers’ positions/extension and the inclination of the crane base. When the outriggers are not fully extended, the lifting moment limiting device activation pressure is recalculated and reduced and, according to the position of the crane arms, there may be a reduction in the working speed. The additional crossbeam, on the other hand, is managed for fully extended, retracted or partially extended outriggers if the additional crossbeam has double lateral extension supports.

Moreover, the system can automatically read the effect of a possible counterweight and the presence of additional outriggers in addition to the standard number.

For more information on the crane models which can be installed with the FSC/S system, please see the table of FSC combinations.

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