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06th February

A new agreement for the Italian group, ready to take on the new year by developing new market synergies

A new agreement for the Italian group, ready to take on the new year by developing new market synergiesParis (France) - January 23rd. A new agreement was signed, giving the Fassi Group the majority share of CTELM, the holding company to which the French brands FASSI FRANCE, MILTRA and MARREL belong. The new and important role that the Fassi Group will play in CTELM is a further step for its consolidation in the French market. “This is an excellent opportunity to develop new commercial synergies for the CRANAB and JEKKO brands, which already form part of our group”. These were the words stated with satisfaction by Giovanni Fassi, CEO of the company of the same name, which is the world leader in the lifting sector.

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Fassi News

22nd February

Kurko-Koponen work on sky-high building site

Fassi F2150RAL.2.28 + L816L jib

Kurko-Koponen work on sky-high building site in Finland with an F2150RAL.2.28 loader crane

Tampere (Finland). Last week, one of Fassi’s top customers, Kurko-Koponen, the lifting services provider based in Vantaa, Finland, was working in Tampere on a multi-storey building site with its Fassi F2150RAL.2.28 with jib. This crane is t...

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Fassi News

07th February

A Fassi loader crane to the rescue in Mohelnice

Fassi & Volvo FM 440 8x6

Mohelnice (Czech Republic). On 18th January, Spemax Center Ltd., a recovery, logistics and car rental service located in Olomouc in the east of the Czech Republic, conducted break down recovery operations with the help of a Fassi hydraulic crane with an 80 t/m lifting capacity. The accident occurred near Mohelnice, approximately 21 miles (...

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Fassi News

03rd February

Fassi F1950RA knuckle boom picker in Alberta

Fassi F1950RA.2.28 he-dynamic

The largest knuckle boom picker in Alberta: an F1950RA.2.28 he-dynamic

Edmonton (Canada). At the end of last year, Encore Trucking & Transport Ltd., a company based in Alberta Province, Canada, received an F1950RA.2.28 he-dynamic with a 70 t/m lifting capacity, making it the largest boom truck crane in the province. Since the...

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Fassi News

20th February

The photography for the 2018 Fassi calendar gets underway

ECAL - CraneArt 2018

Albino (Italy). Last week, a group of students from ECAL Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (a Swiss Art school located in Lausanne) came to Fassi headquarters in Albino to begin shooting the photographs for next year’s CraneArt Project Calendar. The group worked intensively over the course of two days, alongside Fassi employees in differen...

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Fassi News

21st February

F365A.2.27 hydraulic crane in Hungary

Fassi F365A.2.27 - Renault K 460 6x6

A special installation of an F365A.2.27 hydraulic crane in Hungary

Aszód (Hungary). The Hungarian company MVM OVIT Zrt, which provides electrical grid installation and maintenance on a national scale, have recently taken delivery of a special installation done by Fassi’s Hungarian distributor, Gif Modul Commercial and Supplying L...

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Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and the number of cranes sold place it among the top producers in the world of hydraulic cranes.
The productive potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world via a rapid and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from England to Australia, Fassi professionalism has set itself the goal of meeting the different needs of the market, often linked to specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.

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