Media Dialog - Monaco

The CEO of the Fassi group to "Media Dialog" at Munchen

Munchen (Germany) - January 18th. The CEO of the Fassi group, mr. Giovanni Fassi, meets journalists at the event called "Media Dialog" in Monaco of Bavaria on 19th January and 20th. This meeting takes place before the trade fairs Bauma 2016 and IFAT 2016.

Fassi F70A.0.23

A Fassi crane F70A on a special vehicle used in the logistics of steel

Calw (Germania) - 5 January. Herzog Stahlhandel GmbH has chosen a special vehicle for the logistics of its goods. The Service Centre Reichert helped the customer with base at Calw to find and to set up a specific vehicle for the delivery of steel. On a Scania 18-ton chassis, was installed a Fassi crane F70A.0.23. Courtesy of M. Endulat.

CIESSE - Campagnola (Emilia Romagna)

Opening of a new department for automated painting and assembling of extension booms/outriggers at the Ciesse Carpentry

Campagnola (Italy) - 23rd December. Today at the company Ciesse Carpentry in Campagnola (23 km north east of Reggio Emilia) there’s the official opening of a department for the automated painting and assembly of extension booms/outriggers, essential parts of Fassi cranes.

Fassi & Denby Transport
Metheringham Airfield visitor centre (England) - November 2015. A truck with a Fassi 72 tm crane  belonging to the fleet of the Denby  Transport company has been used to move a Dakota plane at the Visitor Centre/Museum of the Metheringham airbase. Courtesy of Metheringham Airfield visitor centre (T. Taylor).

Fassi F315A - Brändö Lax Ab

A Fassi crane model F315A marine version for a Finnish fish farming company

Nottholm Island (Finland) - The fish farming company Brändö Lax Ab was founded in 1984. Åland islands specializes on trout and lake whitefish farming for the domestic market. The boat owned by the company carries out various tasks related to fish farming, such as feeding and lifting of farming equipment as for example nets. Courtesy of Grutech OY company.

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Loader cranes manufacturer since 1965

Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and sales numbers place it among the top producers of hydraulic cranes in the world.

Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s aim to meet different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.