New-Fassi-crane-model-F110B-oneA crane that literally revolutionizes Fassi’s offer in the 10 ton/m range, allowing customers to configure and choose their crane depending on the job to be done.

A significant expansion in the 10 t/m segment which, in the Fassi Gru offer, is considered as medium segment in the small range in terms of lifting capacity, yet very important in terms of sales volumes.
The main novelty is the adoption of a lifting link at the articulation between the column and the main jib (F110B.1) and, if necessary, a second lifting link (F110B.2) between the main jib and the secondary jib. The offer will also include a model with no lifting links, identified by the acronym F110B.0, which will replace the well-known and highly appreciated F110A.0.
The project underscores the company’s intention to place this crane on the market with three types of technological solutions, in order to meet all operating needs in the best way possible.

In fact, customers will be able to configure the crane based on their specific needs and for all possible functions (excluding continuous rotation). Moreover, the introduction of the single or double lifting link allows customers to take advantage of the additional and new capabilities offered by this model.

New-Fassi-crane-model-F110B-two- new F110B features improved performances compared to the previous F110A.0, specifically:
• weight reduced by 20%;
• hydraulic reach increased by 15% with the development of the .25 version;
• maximum load increased by 65% at the mobile hook (in the version with two lifting links);
• combination of the hydraulic extension on the .24 version too.
All this translates into a series of advantages for the operator, who can count on improved performances both in terms of dynamic lifting and of static capacities on the lifting curves. It is also possible to have rated configurations in horizontal with no angle of the main jib and the maintenance of rated loads even with the “Prolink” activated.
The new F110B.1 and F110B.2 cranes are available in five versions for both ranges, identified by the numbers .21 to .25, which correspond to the number of hydraulic booms (from one to five); the reach ranges from the 5.7 metres of the .21 version to the 14.1 metres of the .25 version, while the lifting capacity varies from 10 t/m of the .21 version to 8.9 t/m of the .25 version.
stand-fassi-saie-2012Fassi Gru spa will be at the 48th Edition of the SAIE with a futuristic stand and two important new products: the Fassi F110B crane and the Fassi SmartApp System for remote assistance

The presence of Fassi Gru, world leader in the lifting sector, at the SAIE, the International Building Exhibition scheduled to open its doors at the Bologna Fairgrounds from October 18th until the 21st, is a long-standing tradition. Now in its 48th edition, SAIE has always been a privileged venue for the construction world, a chance to present the most innovative solutions to the professionals working in this sector, which this year focuses on a topic of primary importance: building requalification in the urban and residential areas and environmental and energy sustainability. A strategic topic for the entire “Italy System” and for the economic revival of the building sector, well summarized in the presentation slogan of the 2012 edition: “Let’s rebuild Italy”.

The Fassi Gru stand, located in outdoor area 44, stands D22 and E11, will feature an original and innovative structure in PVC with weft in inflatable nylon thread that, in addition to its unquestionable and attractive visual appearance, underscores the company’s desire to travel down new paths, with the innovation of industrial products but also from an image standpoint. A clear wish not only to be there, but to play a starring role too.

The stand will display two absolutely new products: the Fassi F110B crane, which introduces the system with one or two lifting links (identified by the acronyms F110B.1 and F110B.2, respectively) to further improve performances and efficiency. Fassi SmartApp System, on the other hand, is the first remote assistance service from smartphone designed for the hoisting sector; an integrated system of data reading and collection in real time capable of carrying out remote diagnostics on crane operation.

The following models will also be on display at the stand: the F38A active, the F55A active, F65AC active, the F80AC active and the F455RA e-dynamic cranes, to represent Fassi’s production range, which includes over 60 models. At the centre of attention there will also be the imposing MAN truck, made by the Austrian company “Spiegl Transport”, fitted with a Fassi F1950RA.2.28 he-dynamic crane, with horizontal reach of more than 30 metres and a maximum load moment of 138 ton/m., innovation just a click away

The new version of the website has been enriched with information and services reserved mainly for commercial operators and technicians. Brochures of Fassi products and those of competitors, along with images, technical sheets, a comparison program, FIP and assistance are just some of the information contained in the site.

A new website created and designed to combine several tools into a single interface. A unique and complete virtual archive where you can find and download every piece of information useful for all professionals, from sales and service assistants to technicians. The website has changed its look in order to provide additional services and surplus value to users. The new version of the site is divided into four main sections, some of which were already found in the previous version and others that have been added for the first time: Fassi Cat, the commercial area, the technical area and the applications area.

While the first area is accessible to everyone, the others can only be viewed with a different login and password, depending on the authorizations issued by the relevant offices. For the commercial and technical areas, the user id’s and passwords used up to today on the old version of will continue to be valid. For the applications area and to use the Fassi Installation Program - FIP, users will need to request new access codes from the technical assistance office. As in the past, the site can be viewed in five different languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German and French. The main feature of the new version of the website, especially in the reserved area, is the main menu, which is still visible since it is positioned in the upper part of the interface. This will allow you to find in a quicker and more immediate way the tools is equipped with.

The first area, accessible to all users, is Fassi Cat, already included in the previous version. From here it is possible to view the spare parts catalogue, the functions of which have remained virtually unchanged but whose graphics have been adapted to the new version of Once you’ve entered this section you can select the different components (crane models, cranes not included in the range, hydraulic extensions, supplementary crossbeams, winches and various options) and the respective machines.
Fassi-crane-technologiesInnovation is an essential part of Fassi - making up its DNA and representing the guiding philosophy at the basis of the challenge and the path pursued from the very beginning by the company, a world leader in the production of hydraulic cranes.

This word can have many meanings, taking on many facets based on the industry and activity it is applied to: from products to processes, all the way to service.

In terms of production processes, following these guidelines and always putting innovation first, at the core of its work method, the Fassi Group has made an important choice that goes against the tide in comparison with other competitors: making significant investments in automation over the years.

Fassi-crane-technologies1Unlike others who have decided to relocate their production abroad to countries with much lower labour costs, Fassi has invested several million Euros in new production systems. This strategy has allowed the Group to improve the quality of its products, optimise its resources and achieve a better price-quality relationship. The new systems ensure precise, constant and guaranteed results that only automation can deliver. Whereas before there were operators that welded, bent and cut one piece after another, day after day, in a repetitive and oftentimes alienating way, today these tasks are performed by machines.

With this significant initial investment, taking advantage of a wide range of economies of scale, the company based in Albino is able to bring its products to the market at highly competitive prices without compromising on the quality that has always represented Fassi’s style. Although innovation has brought significant surplus value, for Fassi human capital continues to be an indispensable resource. For the company automation means giving more value to its employees that, thanks to this policy, perform many activities in which “man” makes the difference. For quite some time the Group has been investing in automation using a variety of automated systems.

In particular, in recent years the plant has been equipped with a welding system with an automated warehouse, a cutting laser, a robotic system for welding extension booms, a welding system of hexagonal beams equipped with an automated warehouse and finally, a welding system for supplementary crossbeams.

Fassi SmartApp, Be smart!

Fassi-SmartApp-System-oneNow your crane interacts at a touch. Fassi is the first company in the lifting sector to combine the intelligent use of boom cranes with latest-generation smartphones

One of the main innovation guidelines followed by the Italian company based in Albino includes the development of advanced man-machine interaction systems, known as Human Machine Interface (HMI).
Its importance lies in the fact that, nowadays, the systems available onboard the cranes, often connected to radio controls, contain plenty of information, some of it requiring great attention by the operator when it comes to fast and accurate machine operation.
Even more so, in the near future we will be witnessing a further increase in the number of available functions tied to new systems, for which acceptance by the operator will depend mostly on the operator’s “familiarity” with the feedback received.

Another important aspect is the tendency of more and more information that needs to be given to the operators so that they can have proper control over the machine. These considerations have led to the development of Fassi Human Machine Interface, aimed at making cranes as “easy to use” and “safe to use” as possible, maximizing system efficiency for quick information reading and interpretation, also in view of future growth in managing the set of available systems.
This principle represents the origin of “Fassi SmartApp”, a revolutionary system patented at the international level thanks to which a crane can “communicate” with a latest-generation smartphone.
The most interesting characteristics of the “Fassi SmartApp” include the possibility to use remote assistance through Black Box diagnostics.

Fassi-SmartApp-System-twoAs a whole, it is much more than a simple “APP” for smartphones, since it can also be used for the following operations: setting the parameters of the radio control levers, quickly analyzing and evaluating the crane utilization statistics, consulting the Fassi Geo Locator in order to contact the Fassi assistance centres quickly and dialogue with the crane, using the quicker and more spectacular graph display to read data instead of the traditional radio control.

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Loader cranes manufacturer since 1965

Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and sales numbers place it among the top producers of hydraulic cranes in the world.

Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s goal of meeting different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.