F820RA.2.27 L426 xhe-dynamic

A.M Tree Surgeons and the first grapple saw-equipped Fassi crane in the UK

Huddersfield (UK) – FASSI UK’s authorised dealer Mac’s Truck Sales have created the first grapple saw-equipped Fassi crane in the UK for A.M Tree Surgeons. The vehicle chosen was a Volvo FMX460 8x4 with a very short wheelbase that provides the perfect platform to achieve a full 360-degree operation with no reduction in performance in any zones. The crane was a Fassi F820RA.2.27 with L426 fly jib giving close to 30 metres reach. 

A V20 winch was fitted for lifting trees over houses and the truck was fitted with front stabiliser legs to increase performance over the cab. Cameras, which can be viewed from the remote control, were fitted on the end of the boom and grapple saw. Finally, guards were fitted to the hose trays to protect them from tree branches and foliage. The Mecanil SG280 grapple saw finished off a perfect combination. The traditional method of pruning and felling trees is for the tree surgeon to climb the tree and work with a chainsaw and ropes. This is arduous and potentially dangerous work. The use of a truck loader crane solves both these problems at a stroke. This application is common in North America and is starting to catch on in Europe as the benefits become clear. (Courtesy of Fassi UK). 

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