TIPTRAILER with crane to Aalborg

Fassi-loader-cranes-on-tiptrailerAalborg transport company have been supplied with one new AMT 2-axle tipping trailers with angular tipkasse for asphalt. The trailer is supplied with 2 pcs. 10 tons BPW axles with drum brakes and equipped with Knorr brake system with EBS and RSP as well as lifting and lowering system.

Tipkassens volume Ingredient is approx. 24 m3. The box is insulated asphalt, and also loaded Hardox inserts in the bottom of Hardox 450 4 mm. In behind the trailer 1 pcs. removable bumper for asphalt machines.

Subsequently, it has been installed the Fassi 23 tm crane (model F235A.2.25 e-dynamic) which is used for grabbing the asphalt.

Aalborg transport company chose this option because it allows for greater flexibility and at the same time loading 11 tons more, which means less driving back and forth. This is a major advantage, for example, construction of bicycle lanes in cities than a 4 -axle tractor with the same structure as the 2-axle trailer is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. 

At the same time the tractor is used as multi 6x2 to low loader trailer or tipper trailers without additional weight when the crane is permanently mounted on the trailer. 

Carsten Larsen, who is responsible for the asphalt department at Aalborg transport company, can these days celebrate its 25th anniversary as transporter and his personal 60th birthday. 

More info: http://www.lastbilmagasinet.dk and http://www.aalborgvognmandsforretning.dk/


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