Interesting solution with the Fassi F32A

A crane dedicated specially to cleaning tunnels and/or urban structures

Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) – A practical solution: combining a crane with a brush attached to the telescopic extensions of an articulated crane and connecting the accessory to a tank through flexible hoses to use liquids suitable for cleaning tunnels and/or urban structures, especially in conditions where it is often necessary to clean off sand. An F32A.0.21 active is shown in the photo, where in this case a model with a greater vertical reach was needed to reach heights of more than 6 metres.

The crane configuration has been enhanced with a control desk equipped with a seat that can be accessed from the side, enabling the operator to work as efficiently as possible. It is combined with a hydrostatic drive system for easy steering and control when the operator is washing towards the rear of the vehicle. The set-up has been designed by Fassi’s distributor in Saudi Arabia, the company Metal Work Co., which has produced 2 units for a service contractor in the Holy City of Mecca, delivered in September 2018. The brush is designed to operate in two directions: horizontally and vertically with an additional cylinder to control the angle of the brush (YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLMrr-sbjb6tJ-xOuDcO0lA - Website: www.mwc.com.sa). Metal Work Co. has been collaborating with the Italian brand for 18 years. (Courtesy of M. Badreddine - Metal Work Co.)

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