Fassi cranes for the Dutch Police

Three Fassi F215A.2.24 e-dynamic hydraulic cranes and a F295A.2.24 e-dynamic for the Dutch Police in the Netherlands’ key cities

Amsterdam / Rotterdam / The Hague (Netherlands) – On 11th February, DAF Trucks delivered the last of several CF trucks to the different police transport departments in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague as part of an EU tender for the police in the Netherlands held last year. The Fassi sub-dealer, De Groot Techniek bv in Brakel, specialised in recovery and towing equipment, supplied these versatile vehicles in close collaboration with Fassi’s Dutch distributor, De Jong IJmuiden I B.V.

The vehicles included a DAF CF 370 6x2 truck with a Fassi F295A.2.25 e-dynamic, a 15-tonne VDL hooklift, special bodywork and a 6.5 tonne double extendable underlift for Team Transport Den Haag (The Hague) and a DAF CF 270 4x2 with a Fassi F215A.2.24 e-dynamic, an 8-tonne sliding bed and a double extendable 6.5 tonne underlift for For Team Transport Rotterdam. In addition to these, two DAF CF 260 4x2 special incident vehicles fitted with two Fassi F215A.2.24 e-dynamic cranes with specially shortened columns to meet the total height requirements and 4-tonne lifts were constructed for both Team Transport Amsterdam and Team Transport Rotterdam. Fassi cranes are an excellent choice of equipment for vital public services such as the police, due to their versatility and efficiency.

(Courtesy of M. Melein, De Jong IJmuiden I B.V.)

Four Fassi truck cranes for the Dutch Police 3

Four Fassi truck cranes for the Dutch Police 4

Four Fassi truck cranes for the Dutch Police 2

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