Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic

Fassi distributor Transgrúas Cial., S.L. delivers a F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane to a transport and crane rental company in Barcelona

Barcelona (Spain) – In January, Fassi’s Spanish distributor Transgrúas Cial., S.L. installed and delivered a F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane to the company Grúas y Transportes Salvador - Grúas Cosmopolitan, a transport and crane rental company based in El Prat, a suburb of Barcelona. The crane is from Fassi’s heavy-duty range, with a lifting capacity of 84.3 tm and a hydraulic outreach of up to 32 m with jib.

It is equipped with a 30 tm winch and many technological features, such as IMC (Integral Machine Control), FX900 control unit, a D900 hydraulic digital distributor and RCH/RCS radio control, ADC (Automatic Dynamic Control) and other features such as the Prolink system and, in addition, the jib incorporates JDP (Jib Dual Power). The mounting on the truck was made lower and more rigid than usual to ensure the highest stability with the most compact assembly dimensions possible. The company has participated in some of Barcelona’s most exciting construction projects, such as the AVE station, the Barcelona underground system and the airport, and, thanks to their new crane, will continue to build the future of this vibrant city.

(Courtesy of Transgrúas Cial., S.L.)

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