Fassi F295A.2.27 e-dynamic

A Fassi F295A.2.27 e-dynamic loader crane has been installed in Switzerland for Volken Gartenbau AG

Oberentfelden (Switzerland) – Fassi’s Swiss distributor, Fassi Schweiz AG, has recently installed and delivered a Fassi F295A.2.27 e-dynamic loader crane mounted on a Mercedes Arocs 8x2 truck for the company Volken Gartenbau AG. Volken Gartenbau is a landscape gardening company with 35 years of experience, located in Grengiols, in the Canton of Valais in Switzerland.

The company work in a range of spaces and for a range of different clients, from individuals to large companies, therefore, complicated lifting manoeuvres are often required on site. With a medium-duty crane which has a maximum lifting capacity of 25.28 tm, the company will be well placed to deliver their services in many different situations.

(Courtesy of Fassi Schweiz AG)

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