Fassi F135A.2.23 e-dynamic

A Fassi F135A.2.23 e-dynamic hydraulic crane installed on a JCB 4190 Fastrac tractor at work on the island of Rügen, Germany

Rügen (Germany) – At a time when tourism to the islands of Rügen, Ummanz and Hiddensee is increased, the islands’ water consumption is set to reach its peak. Under such pressure, a solution is the new custom-made Fassi F135A.2.23 e-dynamic crane belonging to the Rügen municipal water supply company’s (ZWAR), based on the island of Rügen, located off the Pomeranian coast of North-East Germany.

Installed on JCB 4190 Fastrac tractor, the crane and its steel pulley connected to a V20 winch were used to lower maintenance and inspection equipment and install a new energy-efficient duty pump into wells up to a depth of 19 metres in island’s capital, Bergen. Due to frequent use at the rear of the vehicle, a third outrigger has been fitted towards the rear to provide 360º stability in all weather conditions, making this vehicle suitable for emergency interventions as well as routine inspections and maintenance. The crane has a lifting capacity of 13.05 tm and is equipped with radio remote control. The hydraulic operating system uses Fassi X-Biolife biodegradable oil for the benefit of the environment.

(Courtesy of P. Leuten - Hauser Verlag)

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