Fassi F95.0.23 e-active & KAMAZ 4308

A special installation with a Fassi F95.0.23 e-active loader crane for Russian state institution EMERCOM

Moscow (Russia) - Recently, the administration of EMERCOM (the Ministry of Emergency Situations), a Russian federal state institution, approved a new vehicle for the transportation of radioactive substances and waste, fitted with a Fassi F95.0.23 e-active crane.
This special configuration was built to be a machine prepared for any eventuality, ensuring increased mobility for EMERCOM’s units. It can accommodate three passengers (namely, the driver and 2 specialists) and has a set of equipment on the chassis, especially designed to assist in the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

This vehicle provides safe transportation of radioactive materials in line with the GOST 19433-88 regulation for the “Classification and Labelling of Dangerous Goods”), but it is, however, more than just a delivery van. Specially installed software performs a number of tasks for completely safe operation, some of which include the calculation of the time and distance of delivery, the detection of sites containing radioactive waste, radiation monitoring and assessment of the possibility of transporting radioactive materials, the analysis and realization of safe activity in the vicinity of the machine (according to the "Safety regulations for transportation of radioactive substances, PTRV-73”) and the calculation for the protection of the population and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation during transit.

The role of the crane is to move the heavy containers which contain the radioactive material, which can be carried out from a safe distance with Fassi engineered RCH/RCS Radio Remote Control. The unit was assembled in the town of Naberezhnye Chelny by the AVTO STAR company, on the chassis of a KAMAZ 4308 truck.

(Courtesy of Fassi Russia Milfoil LLC)

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