Fassi F545RA at Bristol

Mass Group Ltd’s FASSI F545RA.2.26 L324 articulated crane removes a mural by the internationally renowned street artist Banksy from wall in Bristol

Bristol (UK) - The Bristol-based company Mass Group Ltd recently had the high-pressure job of removing a Banksy mural titled "Aachoo!!" from the side of a semi-detached house in the City. The artwork depicts a woman sneezing so hard that she loses her false teeth. Mass Group’s FASSI 545RA.2.26 with L324 jib was used to lift the work from the wall in mid-March after the house was sold. Coincidentally, the Italian art restorer Federico Borgogni was also on-hand to help. While Federico may be an expert in removing frescos, the FASSI crane was the perfect choice for this type of work as its versatility combined with power allows for greater manoeuvrability when lifting and transporting large items.

Although the company are well accustomed to a wide-range of lifts, there were particular challenges associated with this one as Managing Director Mark Steventon-Smith explains: ‘It was a tough job, not least because the house is on one of the steepest roads in the UK. But we had every faith in the crane and that combined with the skill of the driver ensured a successful lift. The hard bit was being watched by the public, filmed by local and national press and live streamed on YouTube. Obviously, the piece was insured, but I was happy to see it finally on the ground!’ The work will be transported to an undisclosed location, as secretive as the artist themself. (Courtesy of Fassi UK)

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