F1650RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic + L616L

The Fassi Kraner ApS team has just delivered a F1650RA.2.28 crane with L616L to the Danish company Vognmand Erling Andersen I/S

Randers (Denmark) – On Friday 6th March, Camilla and Casper Andersen received their new Scania truck fitted with a fantastic Fassi crane. The original blue, yellow and red layout of the cab is beautifully in tune with the colour of the Italian crane. The configuration was specially designed and proposed by Fassi's Danish distributor, Fassi Kraner Aps, who fitted the Fassi F1650RA.2.28 crane with a "long" jib on the low platform of the truck. With this special combination with the long hydraulic jib, the crane can achieve a horizontal hydraulic outreach of 35.9 metres (41.34 m with manual extensions).

The weight of the crane has made it possible to set up on a very compact 4-axle vehicle with front stabilisation reinforced to 50 tons which allows operators to work optimally in the front area of the truck without jeopardising its stability. The crane is equipped with various technological control systems including CCD (Cabin Collision Detection), AWC (Automatic Winch Control) and IoC (Internet of Cranes) for remote crane servicing. The Danish company Vognmand Erling Andersen I/S is a customer who knows Fassi cranes well, and for a long time the Fassi Kraner team has supported it in choosing the right set-ups to work with, always finding the best solutions for the various needs typical of the business. In addition to the service value of the cranes, there is no doubt that the service and support offered by Fassi's distributor in Denmark is able to give this customer the necessary certainty of always having a fleet of trucks that is 100% efficient (Courtesy of K. Knudsen - Fassi Kraner ApS).

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