Mark Chisholm - FassiGruTV

Fassi interviews Mark Chisholm on the occasion of an arboriculture course at Monza Park

Albino (Italy) – 11th November. Today on the Fassi YouTube channel there is a video in which Mark Chisholm, one of the world’s top experts in Tree Climbing, talks about the technique for tall-tree pruning and cutting, which relies on cranes to fulfil an important role in the execution of these activities. His interview and that with Stefano Lorenzi (instructor and operator from this sector) are enhanced with a few images of pruning in which you can see a Fassi crane in action, with beautiful shots on the occasion of the “tree care” training course in Monza Park organised by the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza (Monza Park Agricultural School).

"When you think about what you're going to use for equipment in climbing gear, the most important thing to think about is where are the benefits for one it's always about safety first, number two is about where you can find ways to make the job safer, easier, and maybe even add a little more innovation to what you do, because science gets behind what we do, technology gets behind what we do, so you really don't want to use the same tools for ever, you know, you have to improve as tools and technology improve." Mark Chisholm says.

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