Fassi F1100RA full optional
On Saturday 17th September at the Fassi Gru dealership Saber S.r.l., there will be a celebration for the delivery of a FASSI F1100RA crane to TGS, a Valtellina-based company specialised in lifting and special transportation.

A new FASSI F1100RA crane fitted on a MAN TGS 35.480 8x4 truck will become part of the fleet of TGS S.r.l., a company in Traona in the province of Sondrio. The ceremony will take place at Saber S.r.l., a Fassi Gru dealership, who have decided to celebrate this truly special event: in fact, the Fassi Gru/MAN pairing is not only the largest articulated crane in the province of Sondrio, but it is also one of the most important in the nearby provinces of Lecco, Como, Varese and in the areas on the border with Switzerland, where Saber S.r.l. successfully operates.

One of the most important characteristics of the new crane/truck combination is versatility, which will allow TGS to operate in restricted spaces, such as, for example, inside warehouses, while handling considerable masses.
The F1100RA.2.28 L616 V30 has a maximum lifting capacity of 90.21 tons/m and an outreach, with a hydraulic extension, of up to 31.85 m. The crane is fitted with Fassi’s most evolved stability system known as FSC/SII, which exploits the improved efficiency of the new angular sensor combined with the moment limiter; it has also been fitted with a wide range of optionals including the FX901 colour display and the new Fassi V7 radio controls.

The other protagonists at the event are Fassi Gru, leader in the lifting sector located in the province of Bergamo; Saber S.r.l., a Fassi dealership for 20 years as well as a centre for sales, rental, service and spare parts for machinery and equipment for the building trade, and TGS S.r.l., a solid family company founded in 1998 and specialised in transport and lifting services in the Valtellina area.

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