Fassi F1950RAL.2.28 + jib L816L - Scania G440 8x4

A Fassi F1950RAL.2.28 (with an L816L jib) fitted on a Scania G440 8x4 in Brazil

São Paulo (Brazil) - 7th July. The company Cunzolo, specialised in rental, maintenance, transport and specialist lifting, has recently received a new Scania G440 8x4 vehicle from Scania Codema of São Paulo, fitted with a Fassi F1950RAL.2.28 crane with an L816L jib. “This is a vehicle which has been specially studied for Cunzolo”, stated Victor Carvalho, director of sales for Scania Trucks in Brazil.
Marcos Cunzolo, the commercial director of the Cunzolo company, is evidently satisfied: “We are happy to have found, with Scania, a truck manufacturer capable of satisfying all our requirements and offer us their guarantee, even for a product with such a particular configuration”.
Scania has managed to transfer all of their European production technology to a product made in Brazil, in their São Bernardo do Campo plant. The Fassi F1950RAL crane performs impressively. With the L816L jib, it has a 41 metre horizontal hydraulic outreach (45 metres vertically), which can exceed 46 metres with the addition of three manual extensions. The lifting capacity is 127 tons/metre, and in particular at 36 metres (41 metres vertically) it lifts 1 ton. In order to provide the best possible stability configuration of the vehicle, Scania has allowed the installation of front and read stabilisers in addition to the standard lateral ones, without invalidating the guarantee.

The Cunzolo company, founded in 1967, has branches in the cities of Campinas, São José dos Campos, Sorocaba, Taubaté and Brasilia. By investing in training and the quality of its equipment, it is able to excel in competence and experience. The service offered includes the ever-important consultancy during the planning stage of works in order to identify the best possible and most efficient operative solutions in order to guarantee the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Courtesy of Scania Codema and Cunzolo.   

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