Fassi F40BFM.0.22

Triton is the new vessel belonging to Traslochi Express, that has once again chosen a Fassi hydraulic crane

Venice (Italy) - The company Traslochi Express of Mestre has recently launched a new vessel with smaller dimensions than the previous one, equipped with a Fassi F40BFM.0.22 crane, chosen by the customer thanks to the sound recommendation made by Ormet srl, local dealer of Fassi. This combination was singled out for its ability to navigate with greater agility, especially in confined spaces: a frequent situation in several Venetian “streets”. The vessel's sides are higher than average and this allows the load to be placed safely inside, making good use of the boat's large volume.

The crane set up on Triton, the name given to this boat, was installed at the bow. This is a great advantage when it is necessary to move loads in situations where the boat is forced to operate with limited access to the shore due to a lack of manoeuvring space. The performance of the Fassi F40BFM.0.22 crane offered by Ormet is remarkable: it manages to horizontally lift 6 quintals at a distance of more than 6 metres.

Ultimately, this is a very versatile solution, perfectly suited to the flexibility of the relocation and freight transport sector services provided by Traslochi Express, a Mestre-based company that has been operating for over forty years in lagoon and on land logistics in the provinces of Venice and Treviso.

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