Albino (Italy) 6th April - Fassi is to launch its new ‘Simply innovative’ concept and has chosen the Bauma trade fair in Munich as its launch platform. The Italian company will reveal the next phase in its continual drive for innovation at the world’s largest construction machinery exhibition. It will represent a new paradigm emerging from the evolution, philosophy and investment that have always defined Fassi as a ‘leader in innovation’.

A company in constant evolution; always focused on new horizons, new technologies, new products, applications and solutions for the growing demands of the market. A company that has always invested significant resources into research and development and believes innovation to be a fundamental factor in any process.

This is where the ‘Simply innovative’ concept was born. Every new Fassi crane is the result of hundreds of hours of design, study and research. It is the result of countless tests and limitless iterations of improvements. And yet almost all this complexity is reduced to real and perfect simplicity. Innovation comes naturally to Fassi. The products and solutions it has brought to the market are proof of that. They exist to meet new demands, overcome new challenges and to work alongside tens of thousands of employees in all kinds of diverse applications: from deserts to snowy peaks and from forests to the open sea. In total simplicity.

And ‘Simply innovative’ means bringing a wide range of new surprises to Bauma, including cranes, services and other new products on an 621 m2 stand.

From 11-17 April in Munich, the Italian company will be revealing the latest frontiers of its work starting with three ‘light’ cranes, two mid-range and three high tonnage models, one of which is the new flagship F2150RAL crane.

The company will also be displaying its new colour-display V7 remote controls, the new Cranelube lubricant range and Fassi’s Internet of Cranes.

Fassi comes to this year’s Bauma with a lot of news and full of enthusiasm for tackling new markets and continuing the growth that has begun in recent months,” explains Emilio Bertazzi, Fassi Export Sales Manager. “We will once again be at the exhibition with a whole array of new crane models, new products and new services, so that we can continue to make life easier for thousands of workers around the world.

Fassi Bauma 2016

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Loader cranes manufacturer since 1965

Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and sales numbers place it among the top producers of hydraulic cranes in the world.

Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s aim to meet different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.