Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic + jib L616

The Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic crane with L616 jib. A “monster” of versatility.

Jean-Luc Reymond wouldn't change his Fassi F990RA for any other crane. Moreover it's his ninth Fassi, the highest performer, and the best! Watching the Fassi F990RA crane at work in a cramped site on the outskirts of Lausanne, it soon becomes clear why Jean-Luc Reymond chose it.

Jean-Luc Reymond did not follow in his father’s footsteps but rather in those of his father-in-law, from whom he inherited the business in 1996. In truth this is a bit of a stretch because in fact the one truck that the family had was devoted to pure and simple transportation. The establishment and growth of TM Reymond SA (where TM stands for Transports Manutention) are due to the entrepreneurial intuition and the hard work of Jean-Luc.

It was an undertaking that the Swiss entrepreneur chose on his debut in the labour market and which he has developed over the years, not just with dogged determination but also a firm focus on supplying expertise and quality equipment. Unsurprisingly, right from the first crane, Jean-Luc Raymond chose Fassi Gru and now this F990RA crane is his ninth.

“I soon chose to specialise in short-distance lifting and transportation services because I realised the potential of a professional and reliable service in this area”, explains Jean-Luc Raymond. “All my trucks have the ‘Swiss Precision’ logo on their doors, which was my idea to emphasise two concepts that have always been the basis of my entrepreneurial choices: I am Swiss and I always work with materials prepared in Switzerland (obviously cranes and trucks are a necessary exception - editor's note), but the logo mainly serves to emphasise the quality and precision of my service. If I say I’ll be there for a certain time, then I am and I won’t be out by even a minute. And when I commit to performing a service I always complete it to the full satisfaction of my customers. My main customers are construction companies but there are also the small artisan companies, again in the building industries, and also municipal services, such as power line maintenance. Then there is the machinery moving sector, delivering heavy equipment."

“There is plenty of work but even in Switzerland we are feeling the impact of the European recession,” continues Jean-Luc Raymond. “Many self-employed drivers who first operated on international routes are in crisis due to the competition of East European carriers and they have ‘thrown themselves’ into lifting to try and find an alternative. This has created more competition especially given the decline in the work of small companies.
That's why I purchased the Fassi F990RA crane, to further raise the bar of my specialism in an area where I have no competitors. In fact, all the equipment is characterised by its versatility. The crane equally allows me to carry out both the more challenging and the ‘lighter’ tasks. The MAN truck has hydraulic traction on the Hydrodrive front wheels and fourth steering axle so I am safe in the knowledge that I can access even the most inaccessible places and across all grounds. In addition, the equipment includes a storage box that, if required, can be replaced by a fifth wheel to transform the truck into a tractor that can be coupled to one of the five semi-trailers. This covers virtually all my transportation needs, from excavators to building material. It is a solution that I have already tried out with success on the other two vehicles of my fleet: a twin MAN TGS, but equipped with a Fassi F800RA crane, and an Iveco Stralis 420E26 6x2 with a Fassi F455RA crane.
The trucks change but the Fassi cranes stay the same!”

More details: www.tmreymond.ch

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