Scania & Fassi F360B
Padua (Italy) - January 2016. A Fassi F360B, with a short secondary boom and with four extensions, is the crane fitted on the latest vehicle to take part in the fleet of the transport company “Bettella Francesco S.r.l.” of Padua, which specialises in the handling of machinery and materials.
The truck is a three-axle Scania Streamline 490 HP. The short secondary boom allows the operator to perform “under column” lifting more effectively compared to the crane models with a standard secondary boom.
In the case of machine handling, this feature is important as these operations are often carried out in cramped environments with very limited manoeuvring space, therefore the ability of the crane to lift near the column reduces the manoeuvring footprint, achieving optimum performance in relation to the total working space.
This feature is very popular with specialist operators who regularly have to handle equipment inside industrial warehouses or civil buildings.

Courtesy of Scania Time.

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