Fassi is a sponsor for the WES, the E-MTB world cup  for electric mountain bikes


Fassi is one of the main sponsors of the “2023 UCI E-MTB World Cup”,
the World Cup for E-MTB, electric mountain bikes, which will begin
tomorrow in the Principality of Monaco and will see another seven dates
throughout Europe, with two stages in Italy in the mountains of the Emilia and Bergamo areas.

Fassi, as always particularly involved in the world of sport and focused on environmental sustainability, has decided to involve the brand in a sport that is becoming ever more popular, not only for its competitive aspects, but also for its respect for the environment and its valorisation of the natural beauty of the race venues.

“Respect for the environment is a cornerstone of our company - stressed Giovanni Fassi, CEO of Fassi Group -. Our sustainability is an integral aspect of the entire value chain. This also entails the designing of lighter cranes that allow for savings to be achieved in term of the vehicles used to transport them, the implementation of clean production processes, for example through the use of water-based paints and the adopting of environmental management practices in compliance with ISO 14001 standards, which were certified in 2018. However, the concept of sustainability for Fassi goes far beyond production. We have always played an active role in social issues, with the promotion of educational projects for safe crane use, as well as foundation programmes for young talents taking their first steps in sports. Our partnership with WES is yet another example”.


The “2023 UCI E-MTB Cross-Country World Cup” is due to begin tomorrow, Saturday 20 May, with the traditional appointment in the Principality of Monaco on a brand-new course in the Breil-sur-Roya area, a spectacular mountain region looking out over the Monte Carlo Bay. The second stage will take place in Bologna on 10-11 June, exploring the regional mountain range, while the third appointment will be in Fassi’s “home ground”, in the Bergamo area, on 15-16 July. After the summer break and the UCI World Championship in Scotland, the third stage will take place on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps F1 racing circuit in Belgium on 29-30 August. Racing will then continue on 2-3 September in Bielstein, in Germany, followed by two rounds: one in Girona, on the Costa Brava in Spain (22-23 September) and a week later in Clermont-Ferrand, in France. The season will come to a close with a return to Spain, this time in Barcelona, on 21 October. The format for the stages of the UCI E-MTB World Cup is once again characterised by two separate races for each stage, with men and women racing together but being listed in dedicated rankings. Fassi will also be a sponsor for the “Fassi Holeshot”, which will be assigned to the racer in the lead by the first curve for each race.

Each event will see related excursions for tourists, as well as festivals, transforming each appointment into a grand celebration involving not only athletes and enthusiasts, but also the ever-growing population of bikers of all ages who use electric mountain bikes as a fun and environmentally respectful way to explore the many trails that our mountains have to offer. 

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