Roberto Locatelli, the coach at the Academy and for the Sky Racing Team VR46

Roberto Locatelli, a rider in the 125 and 250 classes, was crowned the 125-category World Champion in 2000.

 As a riding coach, a role he still plays at the VR46 Riders Academy, he has served for four seasons with the Italy Team, two with the Italtrans Team alongside the riders Franco Morbidelli, Mika Kallio and Julian Simon, one season with the Caponera Platinum Bay Team with Binder and Ramirez, as well as technical commentator for Sky Sport MotoGP HD for three seasons.

Since 2019 he has been the riding coach for the Sky Racing Team VR46, and for Luca Marini in the Sky VR46 Avintia team, as well as for the VR46 Riders Academy and the VR46 MasterCamp team in the CEV, and Team Bardahl VR46 Riders Academy in the CIV.

D. In preparing a rider, how much is down to physical condition and how much to state of mind? Do you deal with both?

Locatelli. Physical preparation is part of all categories, and everyone has now adapted to this. Mental preparation is now an upgrade for me; I have been working in this field for less time, but it could be more important that physical health.

D. What is your initial approach when a young rider enters the Sky Racing Team VR46?

Locatelli. In reality it is very simple, at least in theory. We try to get to know them, to put them at ease. It is fundamental to make them understand that they have duties just like anyone else within the team.

D. In the breaks between GPs, how many hours are dedicated to training (in the gym and on motorbikes) by each rider? Does it change according to rider? What about the students of the Sky Racing Team VR46?

Locatelli. Whoever is in the Academy and in the Sky Racing Team VR46 trains at the same proportion of motorsports and gym. Not every day is the same, there are variations on these exercises according to commitments and relative physical conditions.

D. What would your advice be to those who don’t ride a motorbike every day, but who drive a truck and a crane and need to be focused and efficient in their work?

Locatelli. Our riders have a responsibility when they are on the racetrack, like a company that trains a close-knit team of professionals with a common goal.

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