Luca Marini: an ordinary predestined life

Luca Marini is facing the first season of MotoGP with the utmost commitment, and this leaves little time for anything else. However, he is beginning to see the results.

Although he has always claimed to be a great sports enthusiast, Luca Marini is totally focused on his debut season in MotoGP, and it is hard to distract him from his competition goals. Despite this, he granted us a few minutes for this interview.

D. Who are the riders, or more generally figures from the world of sports, that have inspired you the most? 

Marini. First of all, I have to admit that I love sport in general, and I like to follow a wide range of disciplines, learn, read and cheer on the many Italian sports people representing the country. I am a great fan of F1, as well as football; my team is Roma. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why I chose the number 10; as well as being my birth date, I am also a great fan of Francesco Totti. As far as motorsports go, my brother is certainly both a model and an inspiration for me. 

D. What are your ambitions? How do you imagine your career? 

Marini. That’s a hard question. This has been a very challenging season for me. To reach the MotoGP is a dream for any young rider, but once there, the real challenge begins. The gap between Moto2 and MotoGP is huge; there are a whole range of technical and other aspects to bear in mind. This has been a year of hard work for me and the entire team in order to gain confidence with the new category and the motorbike. Every GP, every race, every extra lap on the Ducati is experience. We are making a lot of progress, and we are seeing the first results; from points to position, and we need to keep going like this. 


D. How do you pass your time during your “normal” life away from the racetrack? Do you have any hobbies or interests beyond racing? 

Marini. During the season, the schedule is packed; we are very busy with races and travel. Then there is all the gym and motorsport training. In general I like to practise sports, play videogames, spend time with friends and with my girlfriend. I lead a very normal life. 

D. Have you ever “approached” the world of cranes or trucks in general in the past, for example a relative who works in the sector?

Marini. To be honest, no, I have not had any direct experience in the sector. Perhaps a few childhood memories here and there, before being drawn into the motorbike world. Just like any child, I am sure I went through a phase in which I was fascinated by cranes, tractors and trucks, but I don’t remember.

D. What would you like to lift with a Fassi crane?

Marini. That’s one of the strangest questions I have ever been asked, I have to admit! (laughing, Ed.) To be honest, I have no idea. 



  • Born in 1997, he made his international debut in the minimoto category in 2004

  • 2013 saw his first appearance at the CIV (Italian Speed Championship)

  • 2014/2015 he took part in the Spanish CEV Championship, thanks to the support of the newly founded VR46 Riders Academy

  • He made his debut in the Moto2 World Championship in 2016 with the Forward Racing Team

  • In 2018 he became part of the Sky Racing Team VR46 project for the development of young Italian talent for Moto2, with which he won his first podium position ever in Germany, and his first win in Malaysia

  • He raced in the same category in 2019/2020, always riding a Kalex, and ended his Moto2 experience at the end of 2020 with the title of Vice World Champion

  • He made his MotoGP debut in 2021 with Sky VR46 Avintia on a Ducati

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