Marco Bezzecchi: a passion that was born from repairing trucks

The first contact that Marco Bezzecchi ever had with engines took place in his father’s workshop, where he would lend a hand while he was still studying.

Then his passion for motorbikes took over. We caught up with him while he was relaxing for a moment, to ask him a few questions that are a little different from the usual race-related interviews.

D. Who are the riders, or more generally figures from the world of sports, that have inspired you the most? 

Bezzecchi. Motors have always been a source of passion for me, and I have been a fan of Valentino Rossi since I was a little boy. Now I am lucky enough to be a part of his Academy, and to be able to train with him. He is a friend to me, but above all he is a great example, even off the track; a role model. 


D. What are your ambitions? How do you imagine your career? 

Bezzecchi. I have been part of the World Motorbike Championships for a couple of years now, I have managed to get to Moto2, where I had a positive season in 2020. This year we are trying to make ourselves known, and it is not easy, because the level is really high. Every young rider who comes to the Championship dreams of getting to the MotoGP, and to be able to take on the best riders and the most competitive bikes. There is no rush, we still have the whole season to think about, but it would be wonderful for the future. 


D. How do you pass your time during your “normal” life away from the racetrack? Do you have any hobbies or interests beyond racing? 

Bezzecchi. When we get back from racing, the pace is very intense. We train practically every day, and we have all the extra activities related to the VR46 Riders Academy. I like to spend my free time with friends. I have fun skating, and I like to play with the Rubik’s cube, the name of the puppy I have just got together with my girlfriend.


D. What is it like to share the same box with Celestino Vietti? 

Bezzecchi. Me and Celestino are lifelong friends, and our families are very close. However, this is the first time that we have managed not only to race in the same team, but also in the same category in the same year. We are friends both on and off the racetrack. 


D. Have you ever “approached” the world of cranes or trucks in general in the past, for example a relative who works in the sector?

Bezzecchi. Not directly with cranes, but my Dad has a truck repair workshop. I worked there for a couple of summers while I was a student. It’s not the same thing, but we are still talking about large vehicles. 

D. Do you find these vehicles fascinating? 

Bezzecchi. I have always been fascinated by anything mechanical since I was a child. 




  • Born in 1998, he made his first debut in the CIV, and then appeared as a wild card at the 2015 World Championship

  • He was fully involved in Moto3 from 2016, riding a Mahindra

  • The turning point came with the 2018 season, when he finished the Championship in third place, before passing to Moto2, riding a KTM

  • 2019 was a transitional year, and then he passed to the Sky Racing Team VR46 in the 2020 season, where he conquered seven podium places including two victories in Moto2, coming fourth in the World Championships

  • For 2021 he is one of the leading figures in the Championships - currently in third place - riding a Kalex with the Sky Racing Team VR46

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