The TECHNO range grows  with the new Fassi F1750R-HXP TECHNO

A completely new geometry for the main column and secondary arm, offering a capacity class of 132 tm. Presenting the Fassi F1750R-HXP TECHNO, the latest addition to the crane category.

Less than a year on from the launch of the first new TECHNO range model, the F1450R-HXP crane, a further step has been taken in expanding the range, one that has come well ahead of schedule; the new Fassi F1750R-HXP is ready for production.


The main characteristics of the new Fassi F1750R-HXP TECHNO are:

  • The X-Design decagonal section of the booms and secondary arm allows for better distribution of forces between the guide shoe and the chassis beam, reducing the thickness of the latter and, therefore, the overall weight. The section also improves load capacity, particularly when in vertical configuration, gaining a 57% increase in performance over the traditional hexagonal arm design.
  • The FX990 is the new electronic control system, connected to a series of significant hardware and software innovations; a new control unit, the new FX901 touchscreen display, new firmware for the limiter and dynamic controller, a new FSC/TECHNO stability system and new FassiLim software.
  • Class: HC1 HD5 S2.

The new L826 hydraulic extension, which is already available for the Fassi F1450R-HXP Techno, is also compatible with the new F1750R-HXP Techno. The system has been designed to facilitate the use of the crane in combination with the winch.

This solution responds to the need to simplify closing the crane when a winch and extension are being used but is not available if the hydraulic extension is equipped with additional functions that require cabling systems. In this case, the pulleys need to be dismantled after the crane is closed.

To make the standard version of the winch easier to use (without a hydraulic extension), new permanent pulleys are also available for the .7 and .8 versions and for manual extensions. These can be left in place, even in transport mode.


In its standard configuration, the Fassi F1750R-HXP TECHNO crane offers the following features:

  • Dual hydraulic circuit with D900 digital distributors, dual heat exchangers and dual oil tank with a capacity of 250 + 250 l.
  • Extra hydraulically extendable 9.96 m stabilisers as standard.
  • Hydraulic Prolink system allowing the secondary arm to lift 10° above horizontal.
  • V7S radio remote controller with colour display.
  • An automatic XP device.
  • FX990 electronic moment limiter and touchscreen display on the base.
  • Carbon-look housing protecting the hydraulic and electronic systems, the motor-reducer, the column sides and the main arm.
  • IMC-ADC system for dynamic control.
  • Proportional distributor for stabiliser command via radio remote controller.
  • Electronic regenerative oil valve to maximise hydraulic extension speed.
  • XF system for the block valves, guaranteeing maximum operation speed and precise movement.
  • Dual pressure transducer on the main ram that improves the precision and response of the electronic moment limiter.
  • Dual bearing rotation system with two gear motors to guarantee the utmost safety and rotation power.
  • Two designated CAN-bus lines for sensors, commands and vehicle connection, to better connect recent innovations (such as FX-Link and the Drive-by-Fassi function) during remote operation of the truck via the V7 crane radio remote controller. In addition, two Ethernet lines improve connectivity and processing power, another first.
  • Base in LP (Low Profile) version for installation on vehicles with an integrated sub-frame.
  • The extension boom guide shoes are fitted to reduce vertical and lateral drift, guaranteeing improved durability and allowing the lateral guides to be adjusted. Additionally, the material used for the guides reduces friction and therefore they require less greasing.
  • Extra hydraulically extendable outriggers with articulated stabiliser plate and Monocast feet. Cabling inside the outrigger supports. Optional hydraulic stabiliser rotation.
  • The components on the crane base are fully covered in order to provide increased protection and streamlining of the systems.


Fassi Gru F1750R-HXP TECHNO

  • Lifting capacity: 132 tm - 1295 kNm
  • Maximum hydraulic outreach: 31.8 m (with jib)
  • Overall dimensions: w 2.58 m, l 2.54 m, h 2.61 m

Electronic/hydraulic equipment:

  • IMC integral control system
  • FX990 control unit
  • D900 digital hydraulic distributor bank
  • V7S radio remote control unit
  • ADC dynamic control
  • FX991 touchscreen display
  • electronic flow sharing
  • XF system


  • Dual linkage
  • X-DESIGN decagonal boom section
  • XP device
  • ProLink system
  • Continuous rotation on slew ring

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