The Fassi XR710 crane, ready for the Far East markets

The Fassi XR710 is a model with a rigid single boom and winch, extremely simple in construction and proposed for markets in non-European areas where this type of crane is mainly used.

Fassi takes another step forward in its strategic vision as a global player in the lifting sector, strengthening the Fassi Asia Pacific division, based in Nilai, near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, with the development of a range of cranes designed specifically for that geographical area, and more generally for international markets where there is a strong demand for this type of crane. The goal is to develop a range of "stiff boom cranes", products that have important differences in contrast to the cranes produced so far by the Fassi Group.

The salient feature of the Fassi XR710 is that it has a single articulation with a maximum lifting capacity of 7 tonnes. There are two versions of the XR710: the XR714 and the XR716. The last digit identifies the number of booms on the crane, so the XR714 consists of three telescopic booms plus the main boom, while the XR716 will have five.

The extension system consists of hydraulic rams and cables. All these systems are concealed within the telescopic extensions, thus remaining protected from any collisions with external obstacles.

The rotation takes place by means of a motorized turntable that guarantees continuous 360° rotation and allows the operator to take advantage of the simplicity, reliability and compactness typical of this solution. This component supplied with the Fassi XR710 is equipped with two hydraulic motors which guarantee precise load handling, even when the crane is operating on uneven ground. In addition, the dual motor system ensures a higher level of reliability, halving the stresses transmitted between gear and cog.

The “stiff boom cranes” lift the load exclusively with the winch which is therefore a fundamental component of the machine. Here the winch is positioned in the inner part of the column and is housed between the two sides. The crane offers the possibility of lifting at all ranges up to the sixth extension, adapting to the needs of different users, maximising capacity or speed as needed.

The base has been developed with pendulum beam, to better distribute the stresses on the vehicle frame and on the base itself. A modern solution was chosen for the stabilisation system that aligns it with the state of the art one already seen on Fassi cranes, thus allowing the operation of both the outrigger rams of the crane and any supplementary outriggers.

To satisfy the requests from those markets, two possible versions of the command post have been provided. As an alternative to the seat-mounted post, it is possible to opt for a ground control post almost identical to that normally used on Fassi cranes.

The XR710 crane is equipped as standard with a package of solutions that guarantee operational safety and are in fact part of the standard supply: the FX200 load limiter with acoustic and visual warning signals, a winch limit switch system, hydropilotated block valves and two halogen headlights to guarantee maximum safety, even in conditions of poor visibility.

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Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and sales numbers place it among the top producers of hydraulic cranes in the world.

Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s aim to meet different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.