Fassi smartapp system. The first to reach this new technological milestone to support our customers

Fassi Group announces it has reached a new frontier in processing data from on-board devices of loader cranes; the new technology helps operators carry out their work with greater speed, precision, and safety.

From among the most important innovation guidelines followed by the Italian company in Albino, the one which stands out the most has to do with the Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

Its relevance has to do with the fact that today’s on-board systems for cranes - often remote controlled - are so chock-full of information that they require high levels of concentration from the operators during the quick and accurate movement of the machines.

And that is not all: the near future is only going to see an increase in the available functions tied to the new systems. Whether or not these increases are going to be accepted by operators will depend in large part on the quality with which this feedback is provided to the operators themselves.

Another important aspect is the increasing trend in the quantity of information operators must be given in order to be able to control the machine system. These considerations have led to the development of the Fassi SmartApp system, whose goal is to make the crane as easy and safe to use as possible maximizing system efficiencies for rapid analysis and interpretation of information, especially in light of the projected increase in functions required for managing today’s systems.

In the coming months, the Italian company will unveil this revolutionary, internationally patented system, which is capable of interfacing with the company’s own cranes via the latest generation smartphones. Among the Fassi SmartApp system’s most interesting features is the ability to use remote Black Box diagnosis. In a nutshell, it is so much more than a mere smartphone app because it means you can do the following: set parameters for remote control levers, conduct rapid analysis and interpretation of crane-use statistics, consult Fassi Geo Locator to reach Fassi support centres quickly and enable crane interface using a spectacular graphic display for immediate data readings in comparison to what is already possible through the remote control.




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