Lastbil 2018

In August, Fassi Gru and Cranab present their latest innovations at the Swedish industrial vehicle fair in Elmia, one of the most popular northern European fairs in the sector

Fassi Gru, world leader in the lifting sector, will, as usual, be at the Swedish Lastbil exhibition dedicated to the industrial vehicle sector, held in Elmia (320 km south-west of Stockholm) from 22nd to 25th August. It is a biennial event that started 35 years ago that, during the last edition in 2016, attracted more than 40,000 visitors and 415 exhibitors from all over Europe.

The national distributor of the Italian brand, the company Fassi Sverige AB (based in Gothenburg), will be at stand U502:10 with all the latest innovations from the various Fassi Gru product ranges.

The Swedish manufacturer Cranab AB from Vindeln will be at stand U503:23 with the latest innovations in forestry equipment for road transport. The Lastbil fair is an excellent opportunity for Cranab to present its new crane, the TZ18, for the first time to its domestic market.  This model is designed for use both in forestry and for handling recyclable materials. Among the main features of this model are: 1) its maximum reach of 10.2 m, and 2) its crossbar stabiliser with an extension of 5.2 m.

Among the various cranes on display at the Fassi stand there will be an F1150RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic equipped with an ACF (Automatic Crane Folding) system to automatically open and close the crane and an F545RA.2.26 L324 xe-dynamic crane equipped with a winch and a pulley fitted with the AWC system. Fassi's ACF system makes the crane easier to use: thanks to this new feature, the operator can open and close the crane by means of a single manual control that automatically activates a series of movements in a sequence to reach the correct positioning when starting and finishing work. The AWC system, which stands for Automatic Winch Control, detects the movements and changes in the geometry of the crane extensions, while maintaining a constant distance between the pulley linking the ring at the tip of the crane and the lifting hook. The AWC allows the operator to have practical control over the load movement through a winch and a pulley, in order to improve the overall efficiency of operations and reduce their time.

The Fassi stand will also feature 8 installations: a Fassi F990RA.2.28 L426 xhe-dynamic crane installed on a Scania R450 LB 8x2*6 Euro 6, a Fassi F1150RA.2.28 L616 xhe-dynamic crane installed on a Scania R650 LB8x2*6 Euro 6, a Fassi F990RA.2.27 L426 xhe-dynamic crane installed on a Volvo FH 8x2 Euro 6, a Fassi F305A.2.26 xe-dynamic crane installed on a Scania G450 LB8x4*4 Euro 6, a Fassi F275A.2.26 e-dynamic crane installed on a Volvo FM 6x2 Euro 6, Fassi F295RA.2.26 e-dynamic crane installed on a Merceders Actros 2543L 6x2 Euro 6, a Fassi F70B.1.24 e-dynamic crane installed on a Merceders Atego 918L 4x2 Euro 6 and a Fassi F70B.1.24 e-dynamic crane installed on an Iveco Daily 72C 17 4x2 Euro 6.

Visit our stands to learn more about all the latest news and the quality of Fassi and Cranab products.

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