Ecomondo 2018

Cranab loaders and Marrel hooklifts take center stage at Ecomondo 2018 together with Fassi

Three Cranab loaders and two Marrel hooklifts, including three new models for 2018, will be the centre of attention at the stand of Fassi group at the 22nd edition of Ecomondo, the Green & Circular Economy trade fair at Rimini Fiera.

Italy is a leader in Europe for Green & Circular Economy, with regards to energy efficiency, recycling waste and productivity of resources, with 47 million tonnes of refuse recycled, consequently saving the equivalent of 17 million tonnes of petroleum in energy. This is also why Ecomondo is an important international event, as it is an opportunity to meet with all the leading companies in the market and with sector professionals. 

At the 22nd edition of Ecomondo, which will be taking place at Rimini Fiera from 6th to 9th November 2018, Fassi, together with Cranab and Marrel, will be at stand 029 in pavilion C3, where there will be on display:
• the Cranab TZ12R loader (new)
• the Cranab TZ18 loader (new)
• the Marrel Ampliroll AL26 PAS hooklift
These will be joined by the brand-new “light” Cranab grapples for cranes and loaders, designed specifically for the maintenance of green public areas.
There will be a configuration set up on a Volvo chassis In the outside area adjacent to the stand, consisting of:
• a Cranab TZ12.2 - 9.3 loader
• a Marrel Ampliroll AL26 S hooklift in the new version for containers of up to 7.2 m (new)

The Cranab TZ12R and TZ18
The Cranab Z Series guarantees rapid movement and allows the operator to maintain a higher working pace, thanks to a tried and tested hydraulic system and increased functioning in design and construction. Furthermore, thanks to its compact design and original rest position, it is possible to make the most of the vehicle’s load capacity.

The Cranab Z Series has the following characteristics:
• tubes and conduits protected throughout the entire arm system and the inside of the crane column;
• the joint between the column and arm guarantees surplus power in critical situations;
• double rack rotation allows for a working angle of 425° and a damping system for a gentler halt at the rotation limit;
• the flexible tubes run inside the stabiliser supports and the outrigger rams rotate by 45°;
• the fixing system for the crane base uses a screw-press system to reduce torsion on the truck chassis;
• the pins are protected, against corrosion and for increased resistance;
• the seat can be either central or lateral and can be fitted with a folding protective screen or even a full cabin;
• the LCD screen is easy to read, with all the crane settings via electronic command;
• the joystick is ergonomic, and the mechanical commands have 2+2 or 4+2 control.

Starting with the TZ12, the new generation of cranes for industrial vehicles is the result of tested modern technology with innovative hydraulic solutions. Cranab cranes are the utmost expression of Swedish quality. The Cranab TZ18 joins the well-known and popular TZ12, which stands out for its significantly increased lifting capacity despite being only slightly larger and heavier.

Cranab TZ18 - 10.2 technical characteristics
• Lifting capacity: 111 kNm
• Maximum standard hydraulic outreach: 10.2 m
• Hydraulic extension: 3.7 m
• Rotation: 425°
• Rotational torque: 29.3
• Working pressure: 26 Mpa
• Pump capacity: 120-160 l/min
• Weight: 2,800 kg
• Overall dimensions: w 2.53 - 5.31 m, l 1.22 m, h 2.59 m

Characteristics of the Cranab TZ12.2 - 9.3
• Lifting capacity: 102.8 kNm
• Maximum standard hydraulic outreach: 9.3 m
• Hydraulic extension: 3.1 m
• Rotation: 425°
• Rotational torque: 29.3
• Working pressure: 26 Mpa
• Pump capacity: 120-160 l/min
• Weight: 2,100 kg
• Overall dimensions: w 2.53 - 3.88 m, l 0.95 m, h 2.49 m

The Cranab TZ12R is a new, more compact version of the TZ12 model, with an outreach of 7.7 m, developed for handling mobile containers together with Marrel hooklifts, or for combining with vehicles that have particular obstacles below the level of the chassis (such as enlarged tanks or particularly large exhausts). Step by step, the aim is to offer the market a complete system for typical operations that involve handling recycling and forestry materials..

Marrel Ampliroll AL26 PAS and AL26 S
The two models, each with a lifting capacity of 26 t, have the initial “S” in common, which identifies their belonging to the “S-Generation” range of Marrel hooklifts, which are characterised by significant innovations in design and materials that make them even more stable and lighter than in previous series. In particular, the use of ultra-resistant steels and smaller sub-frames create fittings with a lower centre of mass, which results in improved vehicle stability. In order to aid installers, the sub-frame is pre-drilled, allowing for weld-free fitting, and single coupling plates are available for all truck models.
The AL26 PAS is an articulated version, with a telescopic arm, while the AL26 S model is telescopic only.

Characteristics of the Marrel Ampliroll AL26
• Lifting capacity: 26 t
• Hook height: 1425 mm
• Lifting hook fitted with pneumatic safety latch
• Rear rollers with longitudinal runners spaced at 1,060 mm
• Hydraulic container locking system (external locking)
• Pneumatic On / Off controls in cab
• Directional valve with pneumatic controls and cover
• Safety while tipping: telescopic jib and rear hydraulic locking cannot be operated
• One check valve flanged for two main cylinders and non-return valve on all hydraulic cylinders
• Fast speed for unloading empty containers
• Rear roller mounted on separate half shafts
• Hydraulic damper integrated into each hydraulic cylinder, a characteristic of all Marrel products

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Loader cranes manufacturer since 1965

Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and sales numbers place it among the top producers of hydraulic cranes in the world.

Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s aim to meet different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.