Fassi F255A xe-dynamic
Fassi presents a new XE model to the cranes in the middle-range lifting segment, distinguished by its excellent performance and remarkable power-to-weight ratio.
Following the most recent presentation of the F545RA model to the market, Fassi continues to complete the XE range with the introduction of a new model to the medium-sized category.

The F255A belongs to the class with a maximum lifting moment of 22 tm, has a maximum hydraulic reach of 17.10 m which becomes 25 m in the version with four booms paired with the L213 hydraulic extension plus the manual extensions. This crane is the ideal solution for those looking for a machine in this class offering excellent lifting performance, agility and versatility. Thanks to its remarkable power-to-weight ratio, the F255A is the perfect solution when you need a high-performance truck crane pairing: the crane’s incredible lifting performance and the vehicle’s generous loading capability.

The new F255A model is a rack and pinion rotation crane equipped with standard features including the proven FX500 control system, the D850 hydraulic distributor bank, the Fassi RCH/RCS remote control and the FSC-S or H stability control.

The crane will be offered in various versions, up to a maximum of six hydraulic booms in the base configuration and in four versions with a short secondary arm. To further expand the operating area, there are also various JIB combinations to satisfy every need.

Characteristics of the Fassi F255A dynamic crane:
• Maximum load moment capacity: up to 215 kNm
• Maximum hydraulic reach: up to 17.1 m
• Dimensions: w 2.52 m, l 0.98 m, h 2.41 m

Electronic/hydraulic equipment:
• D850 hydraulic distributor bank
• RCH/RCS radio control
• 400° rotation with rack and pinion
• Prolink system in the F255A.2 version

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