Fassi cranes are an investment that lasts in time, as their characteristics stay the same for over 10 years, a timeframe identified by competitors as the “expiry” for the lifecycle of their products
Two simple acronyms that may seem to not mean much. Fassi cranes comply with the new standards (formerly H1B3), which means that their qualities stay the same for a much longer period compared to its competitors which, on the other hand, offer products with an “expiry date”, and whose lifecycle is considered over after 10 years.
However, the moment a Fassi crane starts working, it is intended to last a lot longer. It is not a declaration of intents but rather a certainty, confirmed by the fact that more than 70% of the cranes produced in almost 50 years of company history are still fully working.
A confirmation of quality further strengthened by the fact that a used Fassi crane retains a high value on the market and does not depreciate. Consequently, choosing Fassi is a veritable economic and entrepreneurial investment that translates into profitability in daily use. Thanks to the technological developments according that place innovation as a characterizing and competitive value, Fassi cranes ensure superior performances and capabilities. Working better and faster, in total safety under all kinds of lifting conditions, even the most complex and taxing ones, means tangible advantages in terms of performance.
Fassi Gru is one of the few crane manufacturers in the world to take on the burden of fatigue tests for all its models. The term “fatigue” stands for a process within which a material may break, with cracks forming under the action of repeated loads. In practice, it has been shown that, under special conditions, this phenomenon can start (be triggered) after only 1000 lifting cycles. This is why the design consistency is verified in continuous cycle, by means of a fully equipped prototype crane assembled on a special bench, with a minimum of 200000 work cycles. Through fatigue tests, design engineers can truly assess whether the crane complies with the design data. Firstly, depending on the effects of the concentration, of the stress, of the shapes, of the number of cycles and of the statistical curve of the loads. Secondly, depending on other factors such as static strength, average stress, residual welding stress, metal sheet thickness, working temperatures and frequency of the loads.
It is important that a crane always be fully efficient. This is why choosing a Fassi crane means making a quality investment with high added value, intended to create both short and long-term returns, also easier to amortize and with guaranteed performances.

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Loader cranes manufacturer since 1965

Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and sales numbers place it among the top producers of hydraulic cranes in the world.

Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s aim to meet different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.