• A Fassi F110A.0.22 for construction in Dubai

    Fassi F110A.0.22

    A Fassi F110A.0.22 truck crane for a multinational construction company in Dubai

    Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – Recently, Fassi’s distributor for the United Arab Emirates, the company Precision Machinery L.L.C., has delivered and installed a Fassi F110A.0.22 hydraulic crane for non-EU markets onto a Hino FD 1021 truck. This work was done for the customer Roberts Constructions (ME) Holdings LLC, a construction company headquartered in Dubai and operating across the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe.
  • A Fassi F110A.0.22 for the forestry sector

    Fassi F110A.0.22 - Freightliner M2 106

    Fascan International, Inc., Fassi’s U.S. distributor, has supplied a F110A.0.22 knuckleboom truck crane for the assembler UOS Forestry

    Forest (USA) – Towards the end of last year, Fassi’s U.S. distributor, Fascan International, Inc., supplied an F110A.0.22 knuckle boom crane fitted with a grapple to the specialised Forestry aerial lifting equipment dealer and installation centre UOS Forestry (also known as FEVA - Forestry Equipment of Virginia), based in the town of Forest, Virginia.
  • Fassi at the 2017 Indianapolis 500 race

    Indianapolis 500 2017

    A Fassi F110A.0.22 knuckle boom crane was at hand to provide recovery breakdown service at the 2017 Indianapolis 500

    Indianapolis Speedway (United States) – On Sunday 28th May, the 101st Indianapolis 500 race took place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit in Indiana. During the 53rd lap a bad crash occurred involving two cars which had to be retired, causing damage to the circuit’s catch fencing and stopping the competition for 20 minutes. Miraculously, no drivers or personnel were injured in the accident. Fortunately, a recovery vehicle fitted with a Fassi F110A.0.22 knuckle boom crane with extra wide outriggers was at hand to clear the track and assist in the repair of the fence.
  • Fassi F110A.22 crane installed in Dubai

    Fassi F110A.22

    A Fassi F110A.22 loader crane fitted to UD truck in Dubai for the delivery of construction materials

    Dubai (UAE) – Fassi’s distributor for the United Arab Emirates, Precision Machinery LLC, has completed the installation of a Fassi F110A.22 loader crane in Dubai, which was sold on to the final customer by their dealer United Diesel Enterprises LLC, also based in Dubai. The crane was mounted onto a UD Croner LKE 210 truck and will be used principally for loading and unloading during delivery operations.
  • Fassi represented at Bolivian UD truck launch

    Fassi F155A.0.23 active - UD Quester CWE 64R 330

    Fassi’s Bolivian distributor, San Jorge S.R.L., presents two Fassi loader cranes in the national presentation of the new UD Trucks ranges

    Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) – On 28th October, Fassi’s Bolivian distributor, San Jorge S.R.L., presented two Fassi loader cranes in a special national event to launch the new Quester and Croner UD Trucks ranges, hosted by the automotive dealership Nibol at their premises in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, dedicated to the Volvo, Mack, UD Trucks and Condor Division.
  • Special fitting of Fassi F110A.0.22 with winch

    Fassi F110A.0.22

    Special installation of a Fassi F110A.0.22 loader crane with winch by Emirati Fassi distributor Precision Machinery LLC

    Dubai (UAE) – Fassi’s distributor for the United Arab Emirates, Precision Machinery LLC, has recently undertaken the installation of a Fassi F110A.0.22 crane onto a Hino 1525 truck. An interesting feature of this particular configuration is the winch accessory with which the crane has been equipped. This combination of truck, crane and trailer has a great resilience for repetitive working actions; for example, the loading and unloading of material from or to the body of the truck and into construction areas.

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