• A customized Fassi F1150RA.2.26 crane in Sweden

    Fassi F1150RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic

    Fassi Sverige AB installs a one of a kind F1150RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic articulated crane with an L616 jib

    Gothenburg (Sweden) – At the beginning March, Fassi’s Swedish distributor, Fassi Sverige AB, installed and customized a unique F1150RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic articulated crane, fitted with an L616 jib. The crane was painted with purple metallic paint at the request of the customer and was mounted behind the cab of a Mercedes Arocs truck.
  • A Fassi F155A e-dynamic with PLE

    Fassi F155A.2 e-dynamic

    A Fassi F155A e-dynamic truck crane installs a sign at Capriate

    Capriate San Gervasio (Italy) - Quality, innovation and safety: helping our customers to get visibly significant results, guaranteeing them the best performance standards of which we are so proud. Fassi knows how important it is today to offer an efficient service in a highly competitive market and to therefore be certain that its own cranes can achieve the desired result (Courtesy of 2R Pubblicità).
  • A Fassi F155A.0.24 crane for handling signage

    Fassi F155A.0.24 active

    A German signage manufacturer and assembler receives a Fassi F155A.0.24 active articulated crane on Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck in Stollberg

    Stollberg (Germany) – At the beginning of March, the German distributor Fassi Ladekrane GmbH supplied an F155A.0.24 active articulated crane for the company Schilderwerk Beutha GmbH. The company is a manufacturer and assembly partner for display and signage systems for the private and public sectors and has a main plant in the town of Stollberg, as well as several other branches across East Germany.
  • A Fassi F295A.2.27 crane for Volken Gartenbau

    Fassi F295A.2.27 e-dynamic

    A Fassi F295A.2.27 e-dynamic loader crane has been installed in Switzerland for Volken Gartenbau AG

    Oberentfelden (Switzerland) – Fassi’s Swiss distributor, Fassi Schweiz AG, has recently installed and delivered a Fassi F295A.2.27 e-dynamic loader crane mounted on a Mercedes Arocs 8x2 truck for the company Volken Gartenbau AG. Volken Gartenbau is a landscape gardening company with 35 years of experience, located in Grengiols, in the Canton of Valais in Switzerland.
  • A Fassi F820RA.2.28 crane for electric power

    Fassi F820RA.2.28

    A Fassi F820RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic truck crane for electric power sector in Dietikon

    Oberentfelden (Switzerland) – Fassi’s Swiss distributor, Fassi Schweiz AG, has recently supplied a F820RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic truck crane for electric power stations in the city of Dietikon in the Swiss canton of Zurich. The crane is mounted on a Mercedes truck fitted with a demountable ballast bridge, all of which combine to make an ideal vehicle for transporting equipment such as high voltage transformers and large cable reels within, to and from the power station.
  • An F70BC.0.23 loader crane installed to Unimog

    Fassi F70BC.0.23

    An F70BC.0.23 loader crane installed to Unimog Bluetec 6 truck for Vorarlberg

    Alberschwende (Austria)
    . On the 27th February, Fassi service partner Fahrzeugbau & Hydrauliktechnik WILLI GmbH, installed a Fassi F70BC.0.23 loader crane to the rear of a Mercedes Unimog Bluetec 6 truck for their customer, the Office of the Provincial Government of Vorarlberg. The truck was installed with an approx. 3 m³ 3-sided tipper trailer, external hose reels and the crane, which has a lifting capacity of 6.22 tm at a hydraulic reach of 7.55 m. (Courtesy of Kogler Krantechnik GmbH.)
  • Fassi crane to build a mountain lodge in Austria

    Fassi - Birnbaum Im Lesachtal

    Heavy-duty Fassi knuckle-boom crane helps to build a mountain lodge in Austria

    Birnbaum Im Lesachtal (Austria) – Last week, the company, HBT-Holzbau Team GmbH, which specializes in carpentry and wood construction and is based in Kötschach-Mauthen, undertook the construction of a mountain lodge on a hillside in Birnbaum Im Lesachtal, Carinthia (the southernmost state of Austria). This was achieved with the help of the larger of the two Fassi loader cranes belonging to the company, which was instrumental in the construction process. (Courtesy of Kogler Krantechnik GmbH.)
  • Fassi F155A.2.22 for building material delivery

    Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic

    In Edinburgh, Alltruck Crane Repairs & Sales Ltd supplies a Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic loader crane for building material delivery

    Edinburgh (UK) – On 15th June, the company Joseph Parr Builders Supply Co. Edinburgh took delivery of a new 26 tonne Mercedes merchant spec truck equipped with a Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic loader crane. The customer deals in the distribution of a vast variety of construction materials across Scotland, the North of England and the West Midlands, so the company logically chose this stunning crane, supplied and installed by the Fassi UK dealer for Scotland, Alltruck Crane Repairs & Sales Ltd.
  • Fassi F235A articulated crane for electricity builder

    F235A.2.24 e-dynamic - Mercedes Arocs 1833 4x4

    Fassi’s Hungarian distributor installs an F235A.2.24 e-dynamic articulated crane for electricity network builder

    Aszód (Hungary). Fassi’s Hungarian distributor, Gif Modul Commercial and Supplying Ltd., recently installed an F235A.2.24 e-dynamic loader crane onto a Mercedes Arocs 1833 4x4 truck for the regional electricity network builder and maintenance company, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Energiaszolgáltató Zrt., which has headquarters in Budapest. (Courtesy of Gif Modul Commercial and Supplying Ltd.)
  • Fassi F545RA.2.26 installation in Sweden

    Fassi F545RA.2.26 xe-dynamic

    Fassi’s Swedish distributor Fassi Sverige AB delivers an interesting installation of a Fassi F545RA.2.26 xe-dynamic loading crane

    Gothenburg (Sweden) – Fassi’s Swedish distributor Fassi Sverige AB has recently delivered an F545RA.2.26 xe-dynamic loader crane with L426 jib, fitted to a 4-axle Mercedes Arocs 3242L 8X4 truck. This interesting installation is completed with especially long and low-set bodywork, which is very useful for the transport and loading/unloading of construction equipment and material inside construction sites.

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