• Fassi at the Foire de Poussay 2018

    Foire de Poussay 2018

    Fassi France and Marrel exhibit at the 420th edition of the Foire de Poussay in Vosges in northeastern France

    Poussay (France) - On 20th and 21st October, Fassi France and Marrel will attend the 2018 edition of the Foire de Poussay, France’s second biggest agricultural fair, which will feature exhibitors from a wide range of sectors, including the lifting, logistics, transport, handling and construction industries.
  • Fassi France at Poussay Fair 2016

    Poussay 2016

    Fassi France participates in Poussay Fair 2016

    Poussay (France) - Fassi France and the Poirot distributor participated in 418th Poussay Fair on 22nd and 23rd October. This traditional agricultural fair, which hosts more than 1,200 exhibitors and is said to have received almost 150,000 visitors during previous fairs, takes place on 22 hectares in an area located near Mirecourt in the Vosges department in the Lorraine region, in the east of France. Courtesy of Fassi France (C. Lima)

  • Fassi France at the Foire de Poussay 2017

    Foire de Poussay 2017

    Fassi France will be exhibiting Fassi loader cranes in the Foire de Poussay 2017 in eastern France

    Poussay (France) – On 21st and 22nd October, Fassi France will be participating in the 419th edition of the annual fair, the Foire de Poussay, celebrated in the town of the same name located in the Vosges department in eastern France. The fair, which has been taking place since 1598, will cover an area of 22 hectares and is the second largest agricultural fair in the country.

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Loader cranes manufacturer since 1965

Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and sales numbers place it among the top producers of hydraulic cranes in the world.

Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s goal of meeting different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.