• A Fassi F990RA lifts a fractionating column

    F990RA.2.28 crane

    For the Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic crane in the pictures moving a fractionation column is not a hard feat

    Comun Nuovo (Bergamo) –In recent days we have received some pictures from a customer who used a Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic crane to move part of a fractionation column for refining. The crane used for this operation was installed onto a Volvo FH16 650 four-axle truck with a body without sides (removable when necessary). (Courtesy of A. Bonfanti - Bonfanti Trasporti).

  • A Fassi F990RA.2.28 crane for a rental company

    Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic

    Fassi distributor Transgrúas Cial., S.L. delivers a F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane to a transport and crane rental company in Barcelona

    Barcelona (Spain) – In January, Fassi’s Spanish distributor Transgrúas Cial., S.L. installed and delivered a F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane to the company Grúas y Transportes Salvador - Grúas Cosmopolitan, a transport and crane rental company based in El Prat, a suburb of Barcelona. The crane is from Fassi’s heavy-duty range, with a lifting capacity of 84.3 tm and a hydraulic outreach of up to 32 m with jib.
  • A Fassi F990RA.2.28 crane in Greece

    F990RA.2.28 crane in Greece

    Fassi’s Greek distributor, Arsis Ltd, delivers an F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic crane on a Volvo truck

    Asprópirgos (Greece) –Fassi’s Greek distributor, Arsis Ltd, has recently installed an F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic crane onto a Volvo truck for their customer Prapas Cranes. The company has a large fleet of trucks with cranes for hire, which includes (among others) the F600RA, F450AXP, F260A, F150A, F95AXS, F80AK, and F60A models, with an F545RA to follow in a few months (Courtesy of N. Michailidis, Arsis Ltd).

  • A Fassi F990RA.2.28 for transport in Kwintsheul

    Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic

    The Dutch Fassi dealer Van der Goes Hydraulics assembles a Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane with L616 jib for special transport services

    Kwintsheul (Netherlands) – The Dutch Fassi dealer Van der Goes Hydraulics recently supplied a Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane with L616 jib and V20 winch on a Volvo FH 8x2 truck to Van der Goes Europa B.V. Both companies belong to the van der Goes Group, based in the village of Kwintsheul in the province of South Holland, with the latter providing special transport services.
  • A Fassi loader crane for Transpeciais, Lda

    Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic

    Portuguese transport and logistics company receivs a Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane with L616 jib

    Amadora (Portugal) – The Portuguese company Transpeciais, Lda has recently received a new F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic crane, fitted with an L616 jib and V30 winch and mounted on a Scania R580 8x2 truck. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional transport and handling solutions and undertaking a range of difficult precision lifts. The company is based near Lisbon, to the northwest of the metropolitan centre.
  • Fassi and Jekko work in unison in Finland

    Fassi F990RA & Jekko

    The Finnish crane hire company Kurko-Koponen Oy utilizes a Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane alongside a Jekko minicrane

    Vantaa (Finland) – Towards the end of August, the Finnish crane hire company Kurko-Koponen Oy was working on a construction site with a Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane mounted on a Scania truck and a Jekko minicrane, a Fassi Group brand. Staff encountered a particularly difficult part of the building to reach, but solved the problem by using the Fassi crane to lift the Jekko into place, in a brilliant demonstration of the strength of the Fassi crane paired with the flexibility of the Jekko minicrane.
  • Fassi cranes for school buildings

    F1150RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic

    A Fassi F1150RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic crane and a F990RA.2.27 xhe-dynamic crane handled 91 prefabricated units without problems

    Gothenburg (Sweden) – When it comes to using Fassi cranes to move prefabricated units for temporary school buildings, it is always a matter of giving good news. The need for a temporary building usually arises as a temporary solution until the construction of a new building is completed, as is probable in this case too. On this occasion the client's task in Sweden was to dismantle a temporary structure made up of 91 units.. (Courtesy of B. Ljung - Fassi Sverige AB).
  • Fassi F990RA loader crane at Truckday South Tyrol 2017

    Truckday South Tyrol 2017

    Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane at Truckday South Tyrol 2017

    Bolzano (Italy) - On a beautiful sunny day last Saturday, Truckday South Tyrol took place at the Safety Park exhibition centre and circuit on the outskirts of Vadena. Fassi’s local dealer, the company Gerax S.r.l., had a stand exhibiting several cranes, including the F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic, set up on a new Volvo FH16 650 Euro 6 truck, which drew the particular admiration of many visitors.
  • Gerax attends the first edition of Truckday South Tyrol

    Truckday South Tyrol - Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic

    Fassi dealer Gerax S.r.l. to present Fassi F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic loader crane at the first ever Truckday South Tyrol

    Vadena (Italy) - This week, the local Fassi dealer, Gerax S.r.l., will attend the first ever edition of Truckday South Tyrol, held at the Safety Park exhibition venue and race track, just outside Vadena. It is a new special event entirely dedicated to the world of trucks, featuring approximately 100 industrial vehicles, 20 vintage trucks and 30 different exhibitors, with an estimated 2,000 visitors expected.
  • German Fassi dealer will host open day in May

    GERGEN Kipper- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH

    German Fassi dealer GERGEN Kipper- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH to hold open day event in May

    St. Ingbert (Germany) – On 5th and 6th May, a German Fassi dealer, GERGEN Kipper- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH, will be holding a two-day open day event at their headquarters in St. Ingbert in the Saarpfalz-Kreis district. GERGEN has been a manufacturer of top-quality products for demountable loader cranes, hook-and-tippers and trailers for nearly 80 years.

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Costruttore di gru articolate dal 1965

Fassi Gru è leader di mercato tra i produttori Italiani. La sua gamma di prodotti e il numero di gru vendute la pongono ai vertici tra i produttori mondiali di gru idrauliche.
La potenzialità produttiva è di circa 12000 gru all’anno. L’intera gamma è esportata e distribuita in tutto il mondo per una rapida e capillare distribuzione. Dal Canada alla Francia, dall’Inghilterra all’Australia, la professionalità Fassi si pone l’obiettivo di soddisfare le diverse necessità del mercato, spesso legate alle specifiche condizioni geografiche ed economiche delle singole nazioni.