• A Fassi F660RA crane lifts a Pioneer plane

    Alltruck Commercial Vehicle Repairs Ltd, Fassi F660RA

    WM Boyle & Sons Ltd transports a twin-engine Pioneer plane using a Fassi F660RA truck crane in Scotland

    Stirling (UK) - The company WM Boyle & Sons Ltd has recently used its Fassi F660RA truck crane to lift and transport a 1960s twin-engine Pioneer plane. The Motherwell-based logistics company transported the plane from a pilot training centre to a farm in Stirling, Scotland, where it will be used as unusual holiday accommodation for glamping and will sit alongside a former Royal Navy Sea King helicopter.
  • A Fassi F660RA.2.26 for building materials

    Fassi UK customer MRA Transport Ltd

    A lorry-mounted Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic crane with L414 jib delivers building materials in Suffolk, UK

    Halesworth (UK) – Fassi UK customer MRA Transport Ltd has recently undertaken a job delivering bespoke roof trusses to a construction project using its Volvo lorry-mounted F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic equipped with L414 fly jib. The company, based in Halesworth, Suffolk, specialises in machinery, plant and site accommodation movements and has a small fleet of specialist and crane-assisted vehicles, including several Fassi models.
  • A Fassi F660RA.2.26 for heavy-weight relocation

    Fassi F660RA.2.26 for heavy-weight relocation

    A Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic loader crane for heavy-weight relocation services in the UK

    Neath (UK) – The Fassi UK customer Portacover (Machinery Movements) Ltd recently undertook a relocation project using their Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic loader crane, mounted on a Volvo truck. The company was on hand to relocate several containers on site for a customer, all of which were different sizes and weights.
  • A Fassi F660RA.2.28 for kiwi transport company

    Fassi F660RA.2.28 he-dynamic

    A Fassi F660RA.2.28 he-dynamic loader crane installed on a Hino 700 truck for the Kiwi transport company Rough Terrain Transport Ltd

    Auckland (New Zealand) – Fassi’s distributor in New Zealand, the company ALLCRANE Sales & Services Ltd, has recently installed a Fassi F660RA.2.28 he-dynamic loader crane for the customer Rough Terrain Transport Ltd. Rough Terrain Transport is based in the city of Porirua on the North Island and offers personalized transport and crane hire services throughout the country.
  • Cargo handling with an F660RA.2 articulated crane

    F660RA.2 he-dynamic - Scania G450 LB 6x2

    Excellent cargo handling in Prague with an F660RA.2 he-dynamic articulated crane

    Prague (Czech Republic). On the 10th February, the Prague-based company Koma Rent s.r.o., which rents and sells residential, sanitary and storage containers, was able to complete a heavy lifting operation of containers onto a cargo barge in Port-Holešovice on the Vltava river, thanks to their F660RA.2 he-dynamic crane. (Courtesy of Everlift Spol. s.r.o. and Koma Rent s.r.o.)
  • Fassi at the Palace of Fontainebleau

    Fassi F660RA.2.25 he-dynamic

    The company CPF Dépannage outside the Palace of Fontainebleau with its Fassi F660RA.2.25 he-dynamic loader crane

    Fontainebleau (France) – In mid-October, a Renault K520 8x4 truck belonging to the company CPF Dépannage, and mounted with a Fassi F660RA.2.25 he-dynamic crane, was seen outside the Palace of Fontainebleau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located approximately 34.5 miles southeast of the centre of Paris. CPF Dépannage is based in the nearby town of Chevrainvilliers and specialises in the maintenance and repair of light motor vehicles.
  • Fassi F660RA crane for renewable wind energy

    Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic

    An Argentinian construction company installs wind generators in a renewable wind energy farm in La Rioja with its Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic hydraulic crane

    La Rioja (Argentina) – Recently BGCONS S.R.L., an Argentinian construction company based in the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, carried out a project in the neighbouring province of La Rioja using its Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic hydraulic crane to handle flanges for 123 wind generators in the construction of a new wind energy farm. The crane can be seen here placing a flange that supports the base of the generator, each of which will produce 2.5 megawatts per hour.
  • Fassi F660RA.2.26 crane for MRA Transport

    Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic

    MRA Transport Ltd take delivery of a Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic loader crane to add to their fleet

    Halesworth (UK) – MRA Transport Ltd have recently received the addition to the company’s fleet of an F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic loader crane with L414 jib, fitted to a Volvo 8x2 rigid truck with trailer. During the past month, Fassi UK dealer Walker Cranes, Volvo Trucks UK and Colliers Truck Builders Ltd have worked together to supply and install this configuration for MRA Transport.
  • Fassi F660RA.2.26 for Irish haulage company

    Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic

    Fassi’s dealer in Northern Ireland has supplied a Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic loader crane to the company Brian Grant Haulage Ltd

    Belfast (United Kingdom) – The company Kearns & Murtagh Ltd, Fassi UK’s main dealer for Ireland, have supplied a Fassi F660RA.2.26 he-dynamic loader crane to the transport, logistics and handling company, Brian Grant Commercials/Haulage Ltd of Belfast. The crane was mounted behind the cabin of a DAF XF Euro 6 tractor unit and has an extra pair of outriggers for even more stability.

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Costruttore di gru articolate dal 1965

Fassi Gru è leader di mercato tra i produttori Italiani. La sua gamma di prodotti e il numero di gru vendute la pongono ai vertici tra i produttori mondiali di gru idrauliche.
La potenzialità produttiva è di circa 12000 gru all’anno. L’intera gamma è esportata e distribuita in tutto il mondo per una rapida e capillare distribuzione. Dal Canada alla Francia, dall’Inghilterra all’Australia, la professionalità Fassi si pone l’obiettivo di soddisfare le diverse necessità del mercato, spesso legate alle specifiche condizioni geografiche ed economiche delle singole nazioni.