• 2 Fassi F155A.2.22s deliver building materials

    Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic

    Twin Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic loader cranes make the perfect pair for delivering building materials

    Sunbury-on-Thames (UK) - The independent builders merchant PTL Sunbury (Professional Traders Ltd) has a pair of Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic loader cranes, fitted with brick grabs and mounted on 6x2 CF DAF trucks, which it uses for delivering bricks and other construction materials. The company is based in Sunbury-on-Thames in Surrey and received these cranes in January 2017.
  • 600SA installs a Fassi F155A.0.21 crane

    Fassi F155A.0.21 active

    Fassi’s South African distributor, 600SA Holdings (Pty) Ltd, installs a Fassi F155A.0.21 active loader crane onto a Fuso FJ truck

    Kempton Park (South Africa) - This month, Fassi’s distributor for Southern Africa, 600SA Holdings (Pty) Ltd (based in South Africa), has installed an F155A.0.21 active loader crane onto a Fuso FJ 26-280C truck for a customer in the construction sector. The truck has a beavertail body with drop-sides, made by the commercial vehicle load body specialists M & P Bodies in Alberton, Gauteng Province.
  • A Fassi F155A e-dynamic with PLE

    Fassi F155A.2 e-dynamic

    A Fassi F155A e-dynamic truck crane installs a sign at Capriate

    Capriate San Gervasio (Italy) - Quality, innovation and safety: helping our customers to get visibly significant results, guaranteeing them the best performance standards of which we are so proud. Fassi knows how important it is today to offer an efficient service in a highly competitive market and to therefore be certain that its own cranes can achieve the desired result (Courtesy of 2R Pubblicità).
  • A Fassi F155A.0.22 for waste disposal in Russia

    Fassi F155A.0.22 active

    A Russian Fassi dealer GK Spetskommash LLC installs an F155A.0.22 active loader crane onto a KAMAZ waste disposal truck

    Moscow (Russia) – At the beginning of November one of Fassi’s Russian dealers, GK Spetskommash LLC, installed an F155A.0.22 active loader crane on to a KAMAZ 43253 truck equipped with an UM12 tipper trailer for waste disposal, produced by the company Kommash JSC, a specialist manufacturer of municipal and road machinery, with factories in the cities of Arzamas and Mtsensk.
  • A Fassi F155A.0.24 crane for handling signage

    Fassi F155A.0.24 active

    A German signage manufacturer and assembler receives a Fassi F155A.0.24 active articulated crane on Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck in Stollberg

    Stollberg (Germany) – At the beginning of March, the German distributor Fassi Ladekrane GmbH supplied an F155A.0.24 active articulated crane for the company Schilderwerk Beutha GmbH. The company is a manufacturer and assembly partner for display and signage systems for the private and public sectors and has a main plant in the town of Stollberg, as well as several other branches across East Germany.
  • A Fassi F155A.0.24 crane installed by Eurogru

    Fassi F155A.0.24 active

    A special installation of a new Fassi F155A.0.24 active loader crane by Fassi’s Mexican distributor, Eurogru S.A. De C.V.

    Puebla (Mexico) – Towards the end of August, Fassi’s Mexican distributor, Eurogru S.A. De C.V., delivered a new Fassi F155A.0.24 active loader crane installed on a Kenworth T300 truck to an important customer in the handling sector. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 12.64 tm and a standard reach of 12.55 m.
  • A Fassi F155A.2.23 for distributing materials

    Fassi F155A.2.23 e-dynamic

    Fassi’s Hungarian distributor, GIF Modul Commercial and Supplying Ltd., installs an F155A.2.23 e-dynamic loading crane for a building materials distributor

    Aszód (Hungary) – Towards the end of January, Fassi’s Hungarian distributor, GIF Modul Commercial and Supplying Ltd., installed an F155A.2.23 e-dynamic loading crane for VIN BAU Logistic System Kft. (in Veresegyház), the sole transport company for Baumit Kft., the Hungarian branch of the Europe-wide building materials distributor of the same name, with head offices in the town of Dorog in the county of Komárom-Esztergom.
  • An F155A.2.22 crane for UK roofing supplier

    Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic

    Translease Services Ltd delivers a DAF truck fitted with a Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic loader crane to a roofing supplies company in the UK

    Newhaven (UK) – On 9th October, fleet management specialist Translease Services Ltd delivered a Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic loader crane mounted on a DAF CF Euro 6 330 truck to the Newhaven branch of Independent Roofing Supplies Ltd, a roofing materials supplier with branches throughout the county of East Sussex.
  • Fassi F155A.0.22 cranes on KAMAZ trucks

    Fassi F155A.0.22 active

    SPM Auto LLC installs Fassi F155A.0.22 active hydraulic cranes onto a series of KAMAZ 65115 trucks in Naberezhnye Chelny

    Naberezhnye Chelny (Russian Federation) – The special vehicle installer SPM Auto LLC has provided an alternative to buying a truck and lifting equipment separately. The company, which is based in Naberezhnye Chelny in the Republic of Tatarstan, has fitted out KAMAZ 65115 trucks with Fassi F155A.0.22 active hydraulic cranes and three-way unloading dumper bodies. So far it is proving to be a popular configuration, which staff exhibited in Krasnodar during the last weekend in May.
  • Fassi F155A.0.24 installs an artistic sculpture

    Fassi F155A.0.24 active

    The company Encore Trucking & Transport Ltd. installs a piece of art in Edmonton with a Fassi F155A.0.24 active truck crane

    Edmonton (Canada) – On 15th June, the Fassi customer Encore Trucking & Transport Ltd. was commissioned to place a statue at a new development in Edmonton, in the province of Alberta, for which the company used a Fassi F155A.0.24 active truck crane. The forged steel sculpture, titled “Dreams”, is by the metalwork artist Kyle Walton, and is a memorial dedicated to Lanny White, a Developer for Harvard Developments who designed the area and passed away during its construction.

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Costruttore di gru articolate dal 1965

Fassi Gru è leader di mercato tra i produttori Italiani. La sua gamma di prodotti e il numero di gru vendute la pongono ai vertici tra i produttori mondiali di gru idrauliche.
La potenzialità produttiva è di circa 12000 gru all’anno. L’intera gamma è esportata e distribuita in tutto il mondo per una rapida e capillare distribuzione. Dal Canada alla Francia, dall’Inghilterra all’Australia, la professionalità Fassi si pone l’obiettivo di soddisfare le diverse necessità del mercato, spesso legate alle specifiche condizioni geografiche ed economiche delle singole nazioni.