• A perfect F1650RA

    A Fassi F1650RA in Slovenia

    Now on Fassi's YouTube channel, the testimony of a crane operator in Slovenia grappling with a job executed with a Fassi F1650RA crane

    Fassi's importer and distributor in Slovenia and Croatia, the company Hidravlik Servis d.o.o. in Postojna, brought us together with Nejc Šušteršič, one of their clients who works for his family’s business in the field of roofing. It was a sight to see this professional at work with his F1650RA.2.28 L816 xhe-dynamic crane.
  • Fassi ACM: cranes with automatic movement

    Fassi ACM: Automatic Crane Movement

    A video showing the operation of a compactor vehicle fitted with a crane equipped with the ACM system is now on the Fassi YouTube channel

    Fassi cranes fitted with the ACM (Automatic Crane Movement) system are used for refuse collection from small waste collection centres in urban areas that use either underground or above-ground containers as an alternative to door-to-door collection. Compactor vehicles that collect refuse and take it to sorting centres require a loader crane to empty these containers.
  • Fassi FSC in conditions of absolute safety

    Fassi FSC, full stability control

    A selection of operational situations demonstrating different Fassi stability systems is now on Fassi’s YouTube channel

    The FSC/H, FSC/S and FSC/SII stability systems shown in the video published on Fassi’s YouTube channel always guarantee crane monitoring in countless conditions, making the machines easier to use and combining perfectly with their versatility and lifting performance. The FSC/H system recognises 5 extension positions for the crane stabilisers and up to 3 for the supplementary outrigger, combined with a maximum of 10 different levels of crane performance, optimising lifting capacity in accordance with the level of stability in which it is operating.
  • Fassi in Slovenia and Croatia

    Fassi in Slovenia and Croatia

    The presentation of the distributor for Slovenia and Croatia, Hidravlik Servis d.o.o. of Postojna, is now on Fassi’s YouTube channel

    Fassi has been collaborating with Hidravlik Servis d.o.o. of Postojna for almost twenty years. It is a professional and determined company with excellent knowledge of the lifting sector in Slovenia and Croatia. We paid a visit to the headquarters not far from Ljubljana (approximately 50 km), to get a first-hand look at how the company works, and above all to interview Damijan Černjač, the company owner.

Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Costruttore di gru articolate dal 1965

Fassi Gru è leader di mercato tra i produttori Italiani. La sua gamma di prodotti e il numero di gru vendute la pongono ai vertici tra i produttori mondiali di gru idrauliche.
La potenzialità produttiva è di circa 12000 gru all’anno. L’intera gamma è esportata e distribuita in tutto il mondo per una rapida e capillare distribuzione. Dal Canada alla Francia, dall’Inghilterra all’Australia, la professionalità Fassi si pone l’obiettivo di soddisfare le diverse necessità del mercato, spesso legate alle specifiche condizioni geografiche ed economiche delle singole nazioni.