Fassi F820RA.2.26

The installation of a F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic crane by the fitter Ancy Group is now available on the Fassi YouTube channel

The Ancy Group is a company that specialises in equipping industrial vehicles, with highly qualified personnel in charge of assembly and its own painting and carpentry departments. With more than 35 years of experience, the company has the best possible expertise to create very interesting configurations, such as the one recently set up and presented in the video just published on the Fassi YouTube channel.
Fassi F820RA.2.28

A Fassi F820RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic truck crane for electric power sector in Dietikon

Oberentfelden (Switzerland) – Fassi’s Swiss distributor, Fassi Schweiz AG, has recently supplied a F820RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic truck crane for electric power stations in the city of Dietikon in the Swiss canton of Zurich. The crane is mounted on a Mercedes truck fitted with a demountable ballast bridge, all of which combine to make an ideal vehicle for transporting equipment such as high voltage transformers and large cable reels within, to and from the power station.
Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic

A Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic truck crane with L414 jib rigs up a Kobelco crawler crane in Hertfordshire, UK

Hatfield (UK) – Recently, the Enfield-based Fassi customer Evenheights Specialist Transport teamed up with the haulage company Hallett Silbermann Ltd in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The former company was commissioned for its crane services and used its F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic crane with L414 jib mounted on a Renault 4-axle tractor unit to help assemble a Kobelco crawler crane. Proving the versatility of articulated cranes, this is an example of how Fassi lifting equipment is often used as auxiliary machinery to handle and to build up tower cranes.
Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic

A Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane lifts Spitfire wings in preparation for the RAF Fairford’s 100th anniversary celebrations in Gloucestershire

Fairford (UK) - Last week, Fassi UK customer Allens (Stourbridge) Transport LTD spent an afternoon working at RAF Fairford (a Royal Air Force base in Gloucestershire) with a Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane, mounted on a Scania truck. The crane lifted the wings onto a Spitfire plane for a display that was part of the RAF’s 100th anniversary celebrations, demonstrating its millimetre precision control.
Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic

Two Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic hydraulic cranes for a site accommodation supplier in London

London (United Kingdom) - The temporary accommodation supplier Mobile Mini has recently invested in two new 32-tonne eight-wheeler Scania vehicles fitted with front-mounted legs and Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic hydraulic cranes, supplied by Fassi UK. The trucks will be operated from the company’s branches in London and the Thames Valley.
Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic

A Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane delivered to a transport and logistics company in Stourbridge

Stourbridge (UK) – At the beginning of May, the trucking company Allens Transport Ltd in Stourbridge in the West Midlands took delivery of a Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane installed on a Scania G450 8x2 Rigid truck. The vehicle has bespoke bodywork and extra front stabilisers, which enable safe lifting to 360°. 
Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic

A Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane with an L516 jib for an Austrian construction and crane hire company

Raab (Austria) - In June of last year, the company Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH installed a Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane fitted with an L516 jib onto a MAN truck for an Austrian company that specialises in timber construction, carpentry, plumbing, roofing and crane hire, based in Upper Austria.
Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic

One of Fassi UK’s key customers, David Watson Transport Ltd, was featured in an article on the MailOnline, the website of the British newspaper, the Daily Mail

London (UK) – On 4th November, the online newspaper the MailOnline published an article featuring one of Fassi UK’s key customers, the company David Watson Transport Ltd, which provides transport and handling services across the UK and Europe. The article shows one of David Watson Transport’s many truck-mounted Fassi cranes lifting and placing an entire prefabricated loft extension onto the roof of a house in a West London suburb for the manufacturer, Landmark Lofts.
Fassi F820RA.2.26

A Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane with L516 jib on a Scania G450 8x2 truck for Dutch company Jeroen Immerzeel Kraanverhuur

De Lier (Netherlands) - At the end of August, the crane hire company Jeroen Immerzeel Kraanverhuur took delivery of a Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane with L516 jib and V20 winch, which was installed onto a Scania G450 8x2 truck. The family-run company specializes in crane rental and special transportation and lifting services of every kind and is based in the town of De Lier, close to Westland and only 15 km south-west from The Hague.
Fassi F820RA.2 xhe-dynamic

David Watson Transport Ltd. works to great heights with their F820RA.2 xhe-dynamic loader crane

Chelmsford (UK) – Last week, the specialist transport and lifting company David Watson Transport Ltd. undertook work on a building site in Chelmsford, Essex, which required precision, strength and an impressive reach. The company has many Fassi loader cranes in its fleet, including this F820RA.2 xhe-dynamic model with a fly-jib, fitted to a Volvo FM460 8x2 rigid truck.

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Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s goal of meeting different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.