Fassi F1300RA.2.28 he-dynamic

Two Fassi F1300RA.2.28 he-dynamic truck cranes execute a tandem lift of an 18-tonne underground railway car in Mexico City

Mexico City (Mexico) – The Fassi customer Grúas y Soluciones Logísticas Salas, S.A. de C.V. (GSL Salas), recently undertook tandem lifting work with its two Fassi F1300RA.2.28 he-dynamic loader cranes with L426 jibs, mounted on Kenworth T800 and T880 trucks. The work was commissioned by Mexico City’s Metropolitan Collective Transport System (“Metro” service) as part of its initiative to expand its transport network, making the transfer and placement of several rail cars necessary.
Fassi F1300RA.2.28 he-dynamic

Fassi’s Mexican distributor, Eurogru, S.A. de C.V., installs and delivers an F1300RA.2.28 he-dynamic hydraulic crane

Querétaro (Mexico) – At the end of January, Fassi’s Mexican distributor Eurogru, S.A. de C.V., installed and delivered a F1300RA.2.28 he-dynamic hydraulic crane to a customer that produces machinery for the automatization of industrial production. The heavy-duty range crane was mounted onto a Kenworth T800 truck and has a maximum lifting capacity of 90.62 tm and a hydraulic reach of 20 m.
F1300RA.2.26 he-dynamic

Fassi’s Peruvian distributor, ImerPeru, supplies the largest truck-mounted crane in Peru, an F1300RA.2.26 he-dynamic, to the company Corporación Yanflo

Lima (Peru) - Fassi’s Peruvian distributor, ImerPeru, has supplied Corporación Yanflo, a company principally dedicated to the hire of hoisting equipment, with the largest truck-mounted loader crane in Peru, an F1300RA.2.26 he-dynamic model.

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