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F190ATXP Fassi crane

up to 16,0 tm

up to 10,05 m

l 1,05 m , w 2,46 m , h 2,42 m

control unit FX500
S800 distributor bank

YouTubeButton_12px XP device
rotation 390┬░ with rack and pinion
T serie

Cranes particularly suitable for breakdown and vehicle removal services, in which it is necessary to lift vehicles.
Fassi knuckle boom medium-duty cranes

From 13 t/m upwards we enter the realm of medium capacity knuckle boom cranes, which provide performance but at the same time are extremely dynamic. Suitable to be fitted on two- and three-axle trucks, in a variety of setups. The technological fittings include all the most innovative electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components. Not without reason are therefore fitted with devices that are state-of-the-art in terms of both performance and safety. To this must be added the availability of the Prolink function and a rich series of additional accessories and devices.
The XP (Extra Power) system

Maximum power and extreme precision of movement. These are the potentials and advantages of the Fassi Extra Power system. This system allows use of an energy reserve that it ÔÇśs made available when it is most needed. The system activates a power surplus, reducing the speed of crane movements but at the same time increasing the lifting capacity. The operator can turn the device on with ease using the control handle of the radio, and in this way can complete any operation in full safety. The XP system can thus be used to overcome with ease even the most complex situations, without ever endangering the performance and safety of the crane.


T serie - Brochure GB, IT, FR, DE, ES, NL - CE kg/m - CE Lbs/ft


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