Fassi UK Ltd.

  • 2 Fassi F155A.2.22s deliver building materials

    Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic

    Twin Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic loader cranes make the perfect pair for delivering building materials

    Sunbury-on-Thames (UK) - The independent builders merchant PTL Sunbury (Professional Traders Ltd) has a pair of Fassi F155A.2.22 e-dynamic loader cranes, fitted with brick grabs and mounted on 6x2 CF DAF trucks, which it uses for delivering bricks and other construction materials. The company is based in Sunbury-on-Thames in Surrey and received these cranes in January 2017.
  • A customised Fassi F820RA.2.26 crane in the UK

    Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic

    Fassi UK dealer Central Crane Technicians delivers a Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic hydraulic crane to a transport company based in Nuneaton

    Nuneaton (UK) – In May, one of Fassi UK’s main dealers, Central Crane Technicians, was delighted to supply a Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic model to the crane specialists J W Morley Transport Ltd. Based in Warwickshire, the 20-year-old family-run firm began with two small trucks delivering concrete beams and now has a fleet of 14 vehicles with cranes ranging from the light-duty Fassi F165A up to the heavy-duty Fassi F700/800s. (Courtesy of Fassi UK).
  • A Fassi crane puts up a Dundee Christmas tree

    A Fassi crane puts up a Dundee Christmas tree

    A Fassi F710RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic hydraulic crane puts up a Christmas tree in Dunde

    Dundee (UK) – At the end of November, a Fassi crane was involved in another Christmas-related job, this time on Dundee’s High Street. The company Thomas Graham Transport used its truck-mounted Fassi F710RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader crane to put up the city’s Christmas tree a few metres away from the famous Desperate Dan statue, to prepare the city streets for the festive season (Courtesy of Fassi UK).
  • A Fassi crane removes a tennis champion’s car

    Fassi & Maserati GHIBLI S

    A medium-duty Fassi loader crane made the British papers lifting an illegally parked car belonging to a former German tennis champion

    London (UK) – Towards the end of June, it was reported that in Kensington a blue Maserati GHIBLI S belonging to the German former world No.1 professional tennis player Boris Becker was lifted by a medium-duty Fassi crane and taken away after being issued with a parking ticket. The car is estimated to weigh somewhere in the region of 1,810 – 1,870 kg and was parked close to a junction, causing “unnecessary obstruction”.
  • A Fassi F120B.1.22 crane for building supplies

    Fassi F120B.1.22 e-dynamic

    A Fassi F120B.1.22 e-dynamic loader crane with brick grab for Colchester-based builders merchants

    Colchester (United Kingdom) – Towards the end of March, the independent builders merchants Collier & Catchpole Ltd took delivery of their new Fassi F120B.1.22 e-dynamic loader crane equipped with a brick grab accessory and mounted on a DAF truck with trailer. Collier & Catchpole has two stores, one in Colchester in Essex and the other in Ipswich in Suffolk, and will use this truck for the delivery of building materials, mainly large sacks of aggregate.
  • A Fassi F365A.2 crane lifts at the Hilton Hotel

    Fassi F365A.2 e-dynamic

    A transport and lifting contracting company uses a Fassi F365A.2 e-dynamic truck crane to move through a Hilton Hotel doorway in Dorset

    Dorset (UK) – The Fassi UK customer, A R Banks Ltd, a transport and lifting contractor based in Hampshire, was recently contracted to remove equipment from a Hilton Hotel in Dorset. To avoid disruption to hotel guests, the company were operating at the crack of dawn to extract a large piece of industrial equipment through the front entrance using a Fassi F365A.2 e-dynamic truck crane, a job which required precision and skill.
  • A Fassi F485RA.2.26 crane for John Brindley Ltd

    Fassi F485RA.2.26 xe-dynamic

    A Fassi F485RA.2.26 xe-dynamic loader crane for the British cargo and transport company John Brindley Ltd

    Sharnford (UK) – Last month, the Fassi UK main dealer Central Crane Technicians Ltd, based in Chesterfield in Derbyshire, supplied and fitted a Fassi F485RA.2.26 xe-dynamic loader crane for the customer John Brindley Ltd, a cargo and transport company based in Sharnford, Leicestershire. The crane was mounted on a new Volvo FH540 3-axle tractor unit (equipped with towing wheel for semitrailer), which is mainly used for transport purposes, with the crane serving to lift and place the numerous storage containers and bulky loads that form part of the company’s hire and storage business.
  • A Fassi F545RA crane installed on a Volvo FH

    Fassi F545RA.2.25 xe-dynamic

    The company Central Crane Technicians Ltd supplies a Fassi F545RA.2.25 xe-dynamic hydraulic crane with L426 jib for a crane hire and removal specialist in the UK

    Chesterfield (UK) – At the beginning of March, the Fassi UK dealer Central Crane Technicians Ltd supplied an F545RA.2.25 xe-dynamic hydraulic crane with L426 jib mounted on a Volvo FH-460 Globetrotter 8×2 rigid truck for the West Yorkshire-based crane hire and machinery removals specialist, J Exley Ltd. The truck was supplied by Crossroads Truck & Bus Ltd in Birstall and was specially equipped with features chosen to enable the 360-degree lifting capabilities of the crane.
  • A Fassi F545RA crane on Volvo FH-500 truck

    Fassi F545RA crane on Volvo FH-500 truck

    A Fassi F545RA.2.22 xe-dynamic crane on a Volvo FH-500 truck for the transportation of generators

    Evesham (UK)
    - The company Woodlands Generators recently has been impressed with a Fassi F545RA.2.22 xe-dynamic crane mounted on its first Tridem chassis; a Volvo FH-500 8x4. The British company is a specialist power solutions provider with a focus on generator rental and operates throughout the UK and Europe. This model is one of Fassi’s most popular cranes due to its versatility combined with power and was chosen in tandem with the truck to allow the company greater manoeuvrability when lifting and transporting their larger generators. 
  • A Fassi F660RA at work in a granite quarry

    Fassi F660RA he-dynamic

    Nottingham Crane Hire Ltd uses its Fassi F660RA he-dynamic truck crane in one of Europe's deepest granite quarries

    Nottingham (UK) - The company Nottingham Crane Hire Ltd has recently used its Fassi F660RA he-dynamic crane to carry out a job in one of the deepest granite quarries in Europe. The company provides services in specialist lorry-mounted crane hire, most frequently for the transportation of heavy industrial and construction materials.

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Fassi Gru is the market leader among Italian producers. Its product range and sales numbers place it among the top producers of hydraulic cranes in the world.

Fassi’s production potential is approximately 12,000 cranes per year. The entire range is exported and distributed throughout the world through an efficient and widespread distribution network. From Canada to France, from the UK to Australia, Fassi’s professionalism is reflected in the company’s goal of meeting different market needs, which are often linked to the specific geographical and economic conditions of individual countries.