• 50th Anniversary of Cunzolo Guindastes e Plataformas

    Cunzolo Guindastes e Plataforma

    The 50th Anniversary of Fassi customer Cunzolo Guindastes e Plataformas approaches

    Sao Paolo (Brazil) - The 23rd June this year will mark the 50th anniversary of Cunzolo Guindastes e Plataformas, a long-standing Fassi customer and one of the largest Brazilian businesses in the handling and industrial machinery rental sectors. The company will celebrate 50 years of successful trading since its foundation in Sao Paolo in 1967. In that time, the business has grown admirably, acquiring branches in Campinas, São José dos Campos, Taubaté, Sorocaba and Brasília. (Courtesy of Crane Brasil.)
  • F1950RAL crane fitted on a Scania G440 8x4

    Fassi F1950RAL Scania G440 8x4

    The F1950RAL crane fitted on a Scania G440 8x4 is already fully operational

    São José dos Campos (Brazil) - 28th July. The Fassi F1950RAL.2.28 crane (with a L816L jib) fitted on a Scania G440 8x4 which was delivered to the company Cunzolo at the beginning of the month is already fully operative. In the photo the crane is being used for the maintenance of a plant in an industrial complex. The Cunzolo company, which specialises in lifting and particular handling operations, has five branches in the cities of Campinas, São José dos Campos, Sorocaba, Taubaté and Brasilia.

  • Fassi congratulates its customer on 50 years

    Fassi & Cunzolo

    Fassi customer Cunzolo Guindastes e Plataformas reaches its 50th Anniversary

    São Paulo (Brazil)
    – Happy 50th Anniversary to all those at Cunzolo Guindastes e Plataformas! On the 23rd June, the company commemorates 50 years of business, growth and development since Rodolfo and Tomás Cunzolo founded the company’s first branch in São Paulo in 1967.
  • Fassi F1950RAL on a Scania G440 8x4

    Fassi F1950RAL.2.28 + jib L816L - Scania G440 8x4

    A Fassi F1950RAL.2.28 (with an L816L jib) fitted on a Scania G440 8x4 in Brazil

    São Paulo (Brazil) - 7th July. The company Cunzolo, specialised in rental, maintenance, transport and specialist lifting, has recently received a new Scania G440 8x4 vehicle from Scania Codema of São Paulo, fitted with a Fassi F1950RAL.2.28 crane with an L816L jib. “This is a vehicle which has been specially studied for Cunzolo”, stated Victor Carvalho, director of sales for Scania Trucks in Brazil.

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