• A Fassi F65B.0.21 on a Hino Dutro truck

    Fassi F65B.0.21 active

    The ideal combination for the handling of equipment and materials during maintenance works

    Dubai (United Arab Emirates) - The company Precision Machinery L.L.C, which has been the Fassi distributor in Dubai since 1995, has just completed the fitting of a Fassi F65B.0.21 active loader crane onto a Hino Dutro double-cab truck. This is a configuration typically used by road or construction maintenance teams which need to load/unload heavy equipment from the vehicle, or material required during operations.
  • A Fassi F65B.0.22 crane on Hino truck in Dubai

    Fassi F65B.0.22 active - Hino 300

    A lightweight crane for a lightweight truck: Precision Machinery L.L.C. mounts a Fassi F65B.0.22 active loader crane onto a Hino 300 truck in Dubai

    Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – Fassi’s Emirati distributor, Precision Machinery L.L.C., has recently mounted an F65B.0.22 active articulated crane on a Hino 300 truck at their premises in Dubai. The crane comes from Fassi’s light-duty range and is therefore a perfect match for the truck, manufactured by Hino Motors, Ltd.
  • A Fassi F65B.0.24 for the Prague fire brigade

    Fassi F65B.0.24 active

    The Prague Fire and Rescue Service’s Fassi F65B.0.24 active loader crane… And an aquatic surprise

    Prague (Czech Republic) – On 16th September, a Fassi F65B.0.24 active loader crane installed on a Scania fire engine belonging to the Prague Fire and Rescue Service was spotted next to the Vltava River in Prague, across the water from Slavonic Island, home to the Žofín Palace. As chance would have it, floating nearby was the sculpture Octopus by artist Viktor Paluš, which is part of the city’s Sculpture Line festival, an open-air exhibition project which runs from 12th June until 30th September this year.

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